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9/10/2006 3:09 pm

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random ponderings


The point is not what happens next but how it began, so simple in that it didn't require cheesy chat up lines in some dive that reminds you of a meat market after lambing season (sorry, im no farmer) more after...

Was it fate? are we destined to walk past each other??? - not exactly the most romantic meeting or was it??? or love at first sight??? a meeting of the minds???.....pleeeeese, or is it the unexpectedness of someone actually walking past you and noticing enough to take a genuine interest... without some crude tongue action that looks like he's got it wired up to a......er um getting off track here, or some high pitched multi tonal whistle - the singular universal signal that some dude (or gal) thinks yer hotstuff and wants to BE those panties/y-fronts you wear (ansas on a postcard please).

so what is the point? (incidentially if any of the above works for you let me know and i'll give it a shot next time)...hum

wandered off the beaten track here...where am i??

<< reverse....

It's the excitement of finding out who she is, what she likes...> does she or does she not like sugar puffs sprinkled on her chilli???? (what seems totally bizarre to one person may seem totally endearing to another) and finding that she's just as inquisitive about me in return.

where am i going with this?...that the next person you see could end up being the last person you say goodnight to for the rest of your life...um was that a little too general??? what if the next person i see ******** yuck well obviously not just anyone but that someone.... doesnt matter its just ponderings.

Beer please!

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