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6/19/2006 8:48 pm

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Sweet Dirty Sex

On my page you will find myself and sex. Opinions, pictures and links to fantastic websites I have.
I have just started this, and now I must read the how to's so I can create a page that people will want to read. Check for updates often

Do I like to show pics? Of course.One of the best places I have had sex is
in the livingroom in front of the window
Just the thought of being watched is
enough to make me cum

These pictures are of me to give you some idea of what I look like. Okay I know there is no face but hey walking into my job tomorrow and having my boss or co-worker mention they like my site just isn't something I am up for. So you get to see my ass. I admit I am not a model but I think hmm not bad. Maybe? The next picture I want to post is my pussy. I shave and I think its cute. I prefer to have no hair. I have had a girl once and she did not shave-trim-but not bald. It wasn't bad but I can't wait to have a girl with a shaved pussy. I want to lick all around her clit and stick my tongue in her pussy. I was surpised how much I liked tasting pussy, not as much as cock but mmmmm it was sweet and so soft. The next time I am with another girl I am going to ask her to ride my man. If I could have 20 minutes to do whatever I would like I would have her ride my man and then suck his dick tasting them both.

Double Penetration
My ULTIMATE fantasy would be double penetration. With two men (not a man and a toy). I have done it with the toy and those orgasms were completely uncontrollable so I can only imagine what the real thing would be like. Getting wet just thinking of it. In fact I think I must use the toy and my man tonight (until I can get the real thing). I like it so much that if I die and come back a man I think I want to be gay.

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calgarygirl4sex 46M/42F

6/19/2006 8:50 pm

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6/20/2006 9:36 am

Get in touch, I can be the other in your DP

CamCowboy 57M  
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6/21/2006 8:17 am

DP??? I'm "in"

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