What Do Multi-Orgasmic Women Do Differently?  

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What Do Multi-Orgasmic Women Do Differently?

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What Do Multi-Orgasmic Women Do Differently?

Recently an anonymous questionnaire was sent out to 805 college educated female nurses, which showed that a surprising 43 percent of the respondents had experienced multiple orgasms. So how did these women get so lucky?

This same study took an in-depth look at what characteristics differentiate those women who are multi-orgasmic from those who are singly orgasmic.

Multi-orgasmic women are more likely to masturbate and to have been orgasmic at an earlier age. While this could be attributed to some greater innate sexual drive, it is more likely that these women grew up in an environment that was more open to sexual exploration or were simply lucky enough to stumble on orgasms early in their life. One multi-orgasmic woman we interviewed for this book developed a great fondness for the bathtub faucet as a child after her first orgasmic experience there. She never refused taking a bath after that.

These early experiences of orgasm condition our body to become accustomed to having orgasms. Though we can't go back and change our childhood experiences, we certainly can now begin having more orgasms, which will condition our body to do so again and again. The body works by habit. We don't think a whole lot about driving when we're behind the wheel of a car or about brushing our teeth when we're getting ready for bed. Any patterned behavior is the same. With experience we develop habitual neural pathways by which our body knows how to operate. Orgasm is no different. The more you have it, the more you can have it.

Know Their Pleasure Spots:
Multi-orgasmic women are more sexually explorative. This doesn't mean that multi-orgasmic women need to be interested in sex toys or bondage. It simply means that they have explored (or allowed their partner to explore) their sexual landscape. They know the places on their body that make them swoon and that make them sing. As you do the exercises in this book and discover your pleasure points, you will know how to pleasure yourself and how to help your partner pleasure you.

Stimulate Themselves Physically and Mentally: Multi-orgasmic women stimulate their clitoris during sex or have their partner do so. Since the clitoris is the key sexual organ for most women it is absolutely vital that we stimulate it ourselves or have our partner stimulate it when we are trying to orgasm.

Multi-orgasmic women are also more likely to use vaginal stimulation when masturbating and more likely to orgasm with vaginal penetration from their partner. Not only do they optimize clitoral stimulation; they optimize stimulation of their sensitive vaginal spots.

They also more often seek and receive nipple stimulation and keep their mind stimulated by using sexual fantasies, erotic film, and literature.

Ask for What They Want:
Multi-orgasmic women are able to ask for what they want or direct their partner's hands, mouth, or penis to where they want it. They are more likely to give and receive oral sex. They also stimulate or have their partner stimulate a variety of erogenous zones at the same time. They mix and match their stimulation, joining nipple stimulation with clitoral stimulation, clitoral stimulation with deep vaginal or G-spot stimulation.

It is not a mystery why these women are able to have multiple orgasms. They stimulate all of their most sensitive areas more frequently and have partners who are willing to do the same.


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And now I know why we have a back massager in the nightstand thats never been used for massaging. I KNEW IT!!

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