Todays Sex Quote and Cajun Joke ~ Boudreaux Bear Hunting Expert ~  

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Todays Sex Quote and Cajun Joke ~ Boudreaux Bear Hunting Expert ~

~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Welcome to Sexual Health and Sex Guide. ~~~~~~~~~~~~

~~~~~~~~~~~ Todays Sex Quote and Cajun Joke ~~~~~~~~~~~~

"Since love grows within you, so beauty grows. For love is the beauty of the soul."

Saint Augustine quotes Ancient Roman Christian Theologian and Bishop of Hippo from 396 to 430. One of the Latin Fathers of the Church.


Boudreaux Bear Hunting Expert

Boudreaux at the hunting camp with 3 buddies, drinking beer and playing bouree. We'll call them: Thibodeaux, Gauthreaux, and Fontenot. "Boudreaux ", says Fontenot, "You coming hunt them bear with us in the morn?" Boudreaux , the excellent hunter that he is, says," Non, I think I'll go alone; I hunt better that way".

So, in the morning when everyone else woke to go on the hunt, there was ole Boudreaux , returning from his hunt with a big black bear. There was only ONE bullet hole on the bear, right between the eyes. "Damn, you are a good shot", says Thibodeaux, who is leaving to go hunting. "Yep, one shot - that's all it took"says Boudreaux ,"I told you!"

Well, they came back later that day without a single bear. That night, the same routine; beer and bouree. Thibodeaux asks Boudreaux if he'll go on the hunt with them in the morn. Again, Boudreaux says "No, I hunt better alone."

So, in the morn all 3 guys are leaving for the hunt when Boudreaux is returning with a bear. Again, only ONE bullet hole between the eyes.

Gauthreaux, not believing what he's seeing, exclaims "Boudreaux , how you do it with one shot? You can't be that good, huh?" Well, the same thing happens later that day; they return without a single bear.

The next morning Boudreaux returns with a bear as the other 3 are leaving for their hunt. But, this time, there were 3 bullet holes on the bear; one in between the eyes, one in the left paw, and one in the right paw. Gauthreaux , seeing the three bullet holes,exclaims, "Uh huh, I knew you couldn't do it three times in a row with one bullet; I knew you wasn't that good!!"

Boudreaux , remaining calm, says "No man, all it took was one shot - that's it!! You see, it was pretty dark when I shot him. I put my flashlight up like that and shined it at his eyes. When he saw the light , he put both his hands over his eyes to cover them, and that's when I shot."


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