Hurricane Rita ~ Rip Off Artists  

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Hurricane Rita ~ Rip Off Artists

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~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hurricane Rita ~ Rip Off Artists ~~~~~~~~~~~~

Mary called me Saturday evening very pissed off about a tree service company from Virginia who promised to show up on 3 different days to cut broken branches and pick up all the down branches and never called or showed up to do the work. This guy gave a quote of $1,500.00 to do the clean up.

This guy started work on the next door neighbor and another lady neighbor. He never finished or did what he said he would do, and then left another bill for $700.00 more to the next door neighbor. This guy became friends and is staying at the acting mayor son-in-law house on the same property of the acting mayor, and did work on her property where several trees were blown down. this guy goes out partying every night with his new friend and shows up drunk ( probably high also ) every morning.

Friday evening she saw him in the driveway of new friend house and walked over to talk to him, and he started backing out of the driveway. He stopped and talked to her.

He said he was real busy and could not make those other days. He said he would be there early Sunday morning. This guy wants full payment before starting the job, because he said he has been ripped off before, or will not do the job. Mary gave him a check for $1,500.00 when he gave her the estimate.

Saturday both neighbors call Mary and told of their experience with him and most of the time he does not answer his cell phone from customer. He was approved by FEMA to do the work and was licensed and bonded. Mary told the neighbor that she was going to call the sheriff's office if he did not show up Sunday. She had already paid him for the work. The next door neighbor finally got hold of him, and she told him what Mary was going to do.

Mary was up at 6: 00 AM waiting for him to show up. He had not shown up by 9: 00 AM, and she called his cell phone. Mary wanted to know where he was and said he had just pulled up in the driveway. She told him she want to talk to him before he started working. He wanted another $500.00 to do the work and already made a bill for $2,000.00. He was angry and very disrepectable to Mary. Mary put her foot down and said she was not paying the extra $500.00. This guy did not have a crew with him, and said he had sent the back home. He hired 2 local young neighbors to help him.

He got more pissed off, and said that he was leaving his truck and equipment here, and was flying back to Virginia tomorrow. He finally said that he would take off the $500.00 off the bill, and she made him state that on the bill and had him sign it.

While Mary was talking with him inside, she had told Kevin before he showed up, to take a picture of his license plate and the company sign on the truck, which Kevin did.

He worked to 2:30 PM, took off never saying a word to Mary, and did not do all that he said he would do, but most of it was done. He left broken branches in the trees that had not fallen to the ground and did not remove the leafs and some small branches. He also tore up the entrance of the cement driveway by overloading the bobcat to remove the branches to the side of the street for the parish workers to dispose of branches.

I will write a post tomorrow about the house damage and problems trying to find honest people to repair the house.


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