cyber sex or real sex?  

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11/18/2005 9:23 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

cyber sex or real sex?

So I'm here thinking is all this web trawling actually worth it? Since, I started viewing these websites, I've had a few views, a few winks but no actual contact. It's like, the cyber world is all good, but you don't get the real physical contact. Over the past few weeks I've been on a real hunt(for women). But I'm just not sure exactly what i want. I meet a few i look i talk but I am just so bloody indecisive it's unbelievable. It's just not good.

Anyway, so I'm at work and some girl comes to talk. She's not really my type but, I'm not that unfriendly. Anyway conversational is just normal ramblings, then I sense a change in direction. She starts talking phones(GREAT!!). but hey, i gotta keep it normal yeah. So anyway, I'm telling her about a bunch of guys in the pub (i know big mistake) and what they have on their phones. Now I'm a work so i gotta keep descriptions ummmmmm vague. But i wasn't ready for what she came out with next. She says here this'll make you laugh, and plays a porn video (know were talking yeah).

So picture this, I'm outside of a pub whilst at work (don't ask). And she starts playing porn, and of course i cracked up. The first video was a woman blowing up her pussy with a suction pump, that was a BIG pussy. The second one was really large woman riding a guy (who's got a blindfold on). Then a woman blowing ET, weird. OK, know I'm getting a boner yeah, and she's kinda real close to me, were talking skin to skin.

All of a sudden every tom, dick and harry in the pub has an excuse to come out and play with his mobile. Ignoring these morons, the conversation heats up. Then some dick-head, nearly gets run over by a bus. Anyway, I'm trying to keep the convo on sex, cause I'm getting horny. She's, talking about her partner and suddenly( she mentioned her partner ahhhhhhhh). Instant mood killer)

So my interest has wained and she realizes, I ask her if she has cyber sex often, she says i think it's my first time. She apologizes for the boyfriend intro. And man that was lame. I gotta end this cyber thing, but i can't I'm addicted.

Next time hopefully some real sex.

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