caeserpink 47G
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5/28/2006 8:57 am

Last night I went to the Angelika to see the movie Water. It’s about a girl in India who is married at seven years old. Although she lives with her family and has no contact with the husband, when she is nine years old the husband dies. At nine she is a widow and must spend the rest of her life separated from society and living in poverty with other widows. She can never remarry or lead a life outside of the widow’s house.

Near the end of the movie Mahatma Gandhi makes an appearance. He says “I used to believe God is truth, now I believe truth is God.” I don’t know if this is really a quote from Gandhi, but it is an amazing and powerful statement. It is an idea that if followed by religious leaders would end so much strife and hate.

Afterwards I went to dinner at an Italian place in the West Village, right off Bleeker. We sat at a table on the sidewalk so we could watch the people strolling by. Later we walked around the village enjoying the warm weather. I have so many memories in that part of town. I think I have spent time there with every woman I have ever been involved with. The place is full of ghosts.

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