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2/23/2006 6:18 am

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Riddle me this

SO, another post began w/o a clear reason as to why Im writting it. Sweet!!! I was just thinking how really simple life is the other day. I stopped worrying about the small stuff a long time ago and its just totally amazing how the priorities and necessities of my little universe seem to be taken care of with out my force being exerted to their ends. I don't get it, its as if the years of catholic schooling and lessons pertaining to "work hard" and be "persistent" where really just a bunch of bullshit. Instead I think the little kiddies in school should be taught more about karma than hard work (But never forget the three R's) Anyway whats really odd is there is only one facet to my life that I can't just let go of the so called "control" that I feel I command over it. This idea of control is the ultimate universal joke, but still I can't seem to just end my preocupation with sex or more specifically my lack of it. Now granted their are complications in my life that put a hinderance on my abilities to meet women but I that shouldn't matter. What I need to do is just forget about it totally, stop coming on to this fuckin website and just move on with my perspective and goals and be content that I still have a brain and a cock (albiet a dusty one) Whatever my case maybe, I hope perhaps some other wondering soul out there will read this and find some solace.

Your Brother from another Mother


Peace out!!

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