Whats in my sexual past  

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5/14/2006 8:55 am

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Whats in my sexual past

Some years back at a party my husband had to go back to the
office to slove a problem. His boss kept me company. Things
lead to things and he gave me a lift home. We went in for coffee.
My husband was home and in bed. This seemed to increase his
bosses decire to have me. I had a thing for him too so we had
fantatic sex. I took his full 6 inch even though my husband
only had 3 and 1/2 inch. This affair lasted for 2 years and
we met almost every 2 week. My husbands boss shagged me in
our house in every room and every position. He had me in his
flat in every room and every position. He even took me in
his office and shagged me on my husbands desk. He was guite
a powefull man with a very large sex drive and lots of ambition.
My husband was a good middle manager but would not hack it
in the real mans game. I do not know why but i told my husbands
boss that that he only had 3 and 1/2 inch. The best sex ever
with him is when he came back from a holiday. he had no sex
for 2 week. He called me at my work and we met at his office.
He took me up the private lift and into his shower room. I
was stripped and bent over the bath while he pumped into
me from behind. When I eventually left after 2 great fucks
we met my husband at the bottom of the lift. He accepted that
I had called to meet him and his boss had offered me coffee
while I waited. He belived it.

Eventually his boss was promoted. My husband thought he
had a chance but I knew he did not. The new boss arrived and
started giving my husband a rought time. after about a month
his old boss rang and gave me the new bosses phone number.
If I wanted him of my husbands back I should give hime a call.
I knew what this ment but rang any way. I had now arranged
to meet my husbands new boss and I did not know what he looked
like. I was not disapointed and he was very please with what
he saw. I started my second affair which lasted nearly 2 years.
This time my husband found out because his new boss was not
so careful and let it be known that he was shagging some ones
wife the rest of my husbands team worked it out that it must
be him. this was becasue only I was judged attractive enough
for the new boss to want to shagg. My husband plucked up courage
to mention the rumour in the hope of getting help to stop
the rumour. His new boss told him that it was not a rumour
and that he should stop having sex with me. He wanted 100%
of me when he wanted me. For some reason my husband agreed
and started to change into a submissive type person. He
started doing all the house work all the shopping and cleaning.
He went with me to buy sexy undies for his boss to have the
pleasure of. When I went to see his boss he drove me and then
came to pick me up when I called him. The only reward he got
was to lick my pussy clean of his bosses cum. He became addicted
to eating his bosses cum. His boss noticed that I stopped
showering after sex before going home. I explained why
to his great ammusement. He used to call them buttered buns
which he sent home for my hubby. At work when they went out
he would always ask for more butter to butter his bun as he
spread it across his soup roll. My husband put up with his
bosses humiliations and my affair and loved it as much as

eventually this boss was promoted and the new boss was a
woman. I did not like this. My husband became even more submissive
now even working for a woman and knowing he could not satisfy
a woman made him be even more submissive.

3 years passed until one day when at a business dinner we
met a man who knew both my past lovers and put 2 and 2 together
and work out who I was and who my husband was. He eventually
spoke to my husband and put a few drinks in him and then pounced.
He asked my husband if he missed buttered buns. My husband
eventually gave in and admitted it was him. The man who ran
his own company then told my husband to beg him to fuck me.
My husband approached me and told me the story I said I knew
and asked what we should do. My husband said it was up to me.
I said no you must decide. He confirmed he wanted me to make
love to this man. I told him that it would cost him this man
is not your boss, he has his own company and money, he could
be very demanding and may take over his life. So that said
we all went up onto the balconay and my husband kept watch
while I has slowly but well shagged with a 7 1/2 fat cock.
My new lover then told my husband to clean me up. I was licked
out by the mad driven buttered bun eater.

This relationship on and off lasted for 5 years. I had many
many memorable sex sessions. My husband would be down stairs
and cleaning my lovers house. In the summer we would go
to a beer garden and have a few beers. When we got hot we would
return to the car open the boot and let my husband out. He
would then drive us home. He once had to wear a pink thong
and wash my lovers car while we went in side and into bed for
sex. My lover would open the window and shout down here bitch
some cleaning to do. with in seconds my husband would be
in the room on his knees licking at my used pussy. I had sex
in every place you can think of and in every position. My
husband would keep gaurd when we felt like sex in the woods
or sex in a club. My lover became very good at humiliating
my husband and used to tell me how far he could push him. I
amassed when my husband complied with always having shaved
pubic hair. this made his willy look even smaller. My lover
used to say his 5 year old nephew had a bigger one. He made
my husband dress in stockings and suspenders and a maids
dress. This became his standard house cleaning uniform.
I kept asking my husband if he wanted to end it and he always
said no. he was happy as a submissive and I was happy to get
great sex.

This came to an end when my lover wanted to settle down and
decided to meet a woman and marry. I was left high and dry
and hubby too. We have had a few 1 off events in the last 5 years.
We went to the boat in newcastle. I was picked up and fingered
at the bar. It was easy because I had a mini skirt on with no
and a shaved fanny. We found a rope locker and got inside
and I was good and proper fucked. The guy ran a mile when I
said I wanted the condom. If he had known I was going to give
it to my husband to clean out he would have jumped ship.

So in the last 5 years we have had no extra sex. My husband
has now become a complete submissive. He can only lick and
can not stop his desires to be humiliated. He wants to call
a real man master and be his slave to be commanded to do anything.
I have given in to the nagging and agreed to have a real man
lover to satisfy me and humiliate him on the side.

rm_moonboy23 37M
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5/14/2006 10:40 am

what an amazing story.

Albascotty 54M
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5/14/2006 11:08 am

You asked what I'd like to do. Well, ...

We'd meet much like you said before in pub where your husband would get the drinks and then move away to leave us in peace. He would then be summoned to take us away and we would snog and fumble in the car's back seat.

When we arrived at the house or hotel, you would be asked to parade around the room wearing a shortish flouncy skirt and panties and when asked to turn by me, you would turn quickly so that your skirt lifted. Hubby would be told to get you to turn for me and he would say turn until I told him to shut up.

You'd then be asked to lean over the back of a chair or a couch. He would be told to sit in a corner intitally while I ran my fingers and hands up the backs of your legs and up your skirt.He would be ordered to get a camera and start to film us as I continued caressing up your legs and over your bottom.

He would be told what shots to take and when to take them.

I would start to lick your legs inside finally pressing my face in the folds of your ass and pussy. You'd still be leaning over as I oved your panites aside and started to lick you, flicking up one side of your pussy and then down the other lip. Hubby catches all of this for his posterity. He is then ordered to lift your skirt above your ass to give me better access and I continue to caress your ass and eventually your pussy.

I stand up and order him to loosen my belt and open the button of my trousers. I take them off and am left with a hard on to press into the crack of your bottom and rub against your pussy.

He is told to move everything off the floor to give me free walk to your fron where you can start to touch my cock and start to lick and suck it. Before I come I withdraw and then go behind you, take off your panties and throw them to him telling him to lick them clean. I play with oyur breeats until he has donioe enough and then I tell him to start shooting his camera as I screw you from behind until you come!

He captures it all from all sorts of angles until I shoot my load in to you after which he is ordered to lick you to clean up.While we rest and play a bit he is told to upload or review the images and look at how much you enjoyed yourself.

I love this idea and other similar themes, one of which he would be (gently) bound to watch everything as we played and shagged.I hope you like them and some of your readers too.

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