what a bunch of...  

buttercup7781 36F
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5/19/2006 9:36 pm

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5/23/2006 8:48 pm

what a bunch of...

BULLSHIT! one of my co-workers "J" showed up at work two days ago and left for good. Nobody knew where he was, we all looked for him for like an hour, couldn't find him.

He supposedly told someone he had to leave but I'd like to know who that was! I go in to work today and sorta find out what happened. I heard this from "D" so ...he left for "personal reasons"

WTF! He didn't bother showing up yesterday or today but he still gets to keep his job. What kind of shit is that? He's supposed to be back monday. FUCKING who cares, if anyone else did that shit, we wouldn't be able to come back.

I think they should've fired him but what the hell do I know. TG this hellish week is over.

My birthday is around the corner and I'm gonna celebrate by going to WOF tomorrow. woohoo!

HeartlessBitch69 47F

5/23/2006 10:45 am

IT is because he is a guy! All fucking nursing homes think guys are a gift, that we fucking need them! and they think "J" is the shit! He calls in for a 1/2 week, and then just takes the fuck off for a 5 day weekend, and still has his job! Favortism, thats all it is!

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