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6/9/2006 8:56 am

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I never thought leaving a ten year relationship would be this hard and now the guy I was going to be with doesn't seem to want me all that much.

He hasn't called or responded to my emails in three days and he has never gone that long with out a response. What am I to do?

It is really hard but what can I do?

Now my ex has a new girl already and I don't know if he would take me back if I wanted that.

Anyway this is a lot of drama and I don't know what is going on right now in my life.

I am living with my parents for a while and that has felt like one big step backwards and there is really no privacy here as my little brother and sister and my three year old nephew live here too. And there is hardly room for seven people in this SMALL cabin.

Why does life have to be so frustrating sometimes?

Things never seem to work the way I think they will. Everything gets changed and tossed about and then everything is different than when I saw it at the start.

And as of now it doesn't look that good.

When I am by my self I get all depressed and wish I was back in my Ex's arms just so he can hold me and make me feel better. Then I think of him with his new girl and wonder why I ever left.

I just sit up here on this damned mountain and wonder what I was thinking coming up to live with my parents. We never get along for very long and I have no where to just do what I want.

Now my Mom, Dad and a family friend who lives here went to Arizona for two weeks and I just feel like I am all alone and that is depressing.

I just wanted to be on my own and start my life with someone I thought wanted me as much as I wanted them, maybe I was wrong but I don't know what to think when He always knows just what to say to get me to keep waiting for him.

So until the Ex calls me back I will sit around and try to find things to do to occupy my time and mind!

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