Just another day.....  

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6/18/2006 9:43 pm
Just another day.....

I have just been sitting around here on this mountain wondering how long straitening my life will take....If that is really what is going on here.

Sometimes I feel trapped and all alone.. even when there are seven people around this small place.

I am going down tomorrow to see about getting a job here in town. It is at a deli which I have the most experience working at anyway so it would be an easy job to do.

I am just about ready to send my story off to be evaluated and hopefully get it started printing.

It has been a while well a week to be precise, since I have spoken to Vald. But he told me he was going on a biz trip and wouldn't be around for that time. So no shock there I just wish I could have talked to him once while he was away. But he had things to do and was probably REALLY busy.

When I do hear from him it will make my day.

I met a couple for the first time last Tuesday and that was allot of fun. They were real nice and we hit it off right away. We spent the night at a casino where we had dinner and drinks and spent the night having much needed fun!

I hope to go to the lake with them this coming Friday just to hang out and get off this mountain!! Unless something else comes up... Like a new job or meeting another couple or if Vald has plans to come up soon but if he got more work with his biz trip I think he will be too busy to come up here.

For now I will try for the job and see what happens there and see when they look to hire someone. I know the ropes well and would make a great addition to the deli.

As far as meeting new people I take that one day at a time cuz I do tend to change my mind often and hate breaking plans once they are made.

So Until the next time everyone have a grrreat day and night and ALWAYS HAVE FUN!!!!

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