Awaiting his arrival.....  

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5/24/2006 2:28 pm
Awaiting his arrival.....

I am up at my parents house now till I can go down to Valds'. I have to go back to my exs' to get the rest of my things this weekend probably Friday. My dad is taking me and I hope all goes well. I don't want any resentment for leaving. I had to change things so I could be happy.

Things have been drifting away and I am ready to get that all back.

Vald is spending time with his marine buddies and I know I am on his mind but as an insecure lady I have to remind myself that I don't need to hear his voice 24/7 to know he wants me. Just remembering the look in his eyes as I walked down his stairs in that black halter top sheer nightie is enough to know he is waiting as well as I for the time to come when he is going to retrieve me from this volcanic mount.

I rarely see my family and as I sit here alone I wish they could be here more till I leave, but their job keeps them away for 4 days of the week.

I worry that Vald will be overwhelmed when I finally get there, he has been on his own for so long. I want to explore many different options in the bedroom for myself. That is what I was here for in the very first place.

I am working on the growth of my patients, so that I do not run myself into a depressed state. But being alone or even feeling that way makes it hard to stay happy, being alone has been my worst fear and I fear ALOT!!

I can only look into myself and sometimes that scares me. Sometimes I find that I may be weak and I want to be strong. Strength comes from within and I have found more strength than I knew I had. Not only to travel SO far to meet someone I didn't even know but also to leave the man I have lived with for so long as though we would never part.

I hope he understands that I did what I thought best for myself. I needed to know that I have what it takes to stand up for myself and not just bend in the wind hoping to break.

I don't know what the future holds for me but I know that I can walk into it with my head held high and my hopes lifted to the sky.

Until I am finally back in Valds' arms I will dream of him and his kindness, and his humor. He has a knack for putting a smile on my face even when I am upset.

Till then I smile at our memorable week together!!!!

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