The job search continues....  

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9/27/2005 7:57 am

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The job search continues....

I actually slept rather well last night...all things considered.

I woke up refreshed and with a voice mail from John-Bob. It was rather garbled, but the jest of it is he is delightful!

Still no word from Curtis. Hmmm.... Well if that was a hit and run, it was a damn good one! Was suppsed to see him tonight, but since I haven't heard from him, I guess I get to stay home alone tonight and prepare for the day ahead.

I can't get over John-Bob's generousity. So kind. mmmm He's on the road today - I think I'll give him a call.

phone call.....

Wow - could he possibly be more wonderful? Originally, I thought he had mentioned having a sleepover Tues night, but since he is on the road, I think I lost the window of opportunity for that.

PMM nice to hear his voice. I'm feeling much better today than yesterday. He is uplifting, supportive and understanding of my situation. Most men wouldn't want a thing to do with a shipwreck like me right about now, but PMM says he can see who I am and says I am a quality person. What's not to like about that?

I told him upon reflection, it would have been nice to have been held all night last night. Wished he could have been here after all. So what does he say to that? "Hey, I can sleep over tonight - I'll be back in town about 10 - want me to do that? (DOH!) YEAH! That sounds great! I could see waking up to him to be a wonderful experience...oh yeah...not gonna turn that one down. Most MM can't get out of the of the reasons I am still on guard, but hey - this shuffle is his, not mine. So YEAH! He's coming home from his business trip to me for the night. Has to arise at the crack of dawn, but - OK...I'll have the coffee brewing and send him off with a smile!

Ahhhh - what a nice start to the day...

In the meantime, I have submitted 27 resumes, complete with cover letters for various positions here in town. Had to dumb down the resume just to see how that will work. One of the positions I appl;ied for was where PMM works (big place...not likely we'd run into each other there)...sent him a BCC with the letter. It's good to get feedback from others to see if the cover letter letter needs tweeking or will be interesting to see what he thinks.

So off to get the nails done with PMM's gift from last night.

oops - called Curtis since he didn't call me - He said he was planning on stopping by tonight OOPS - well I had to let him know I wasn't going to be available after I told him I wasn't avaible after 9pm - What ya doing he says....OOPS - Going to be with friends - hadn't heard from you so I made plans. He says I'll call ya when I get back in town. ....

alrighty then...........(geesh - a problem I've always been jealous to have,until now)

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