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9/27/2005 10:40 pm

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On Cruise Now

John-Bob's visit was a delightful exchange of flesh and fornication. He's such an admirable man. All thats left of the Masters is his disertation (sp). Quite the goal setter, and achiever. Something to be said for people who actually set a goal. write them down and "get-r-done".

OK...the rest of this week is free, except possible date with Ric on Friday. That would be really nice. A no sex date with an intellect. Got to love "getting to know someone" before you jump their bones! Ric is a talker. I think I mentioned that before. I hope he suggests going out - I'm so tired of being home. I affectionately have decided to call him "Colonel Mustard"(just because I like the game CLUE and he is in the Military - no other reason) SO.. maybe I can maneuver Colonel Mustard - in the kitchen - with Mondoro (my favorite wine) Friday night. (grin) Of Colonel Mustard on the dance floor at Flashback...*IF* he doesnt have to be in Indy this weekend. His email indicated the "end of the week" would be great. Since I have to work Wed and Thursday...Friday is my only option. Ric is hot. I am looking forward to getting to know him. He's worth the wait. I think Ric is going to be my Philharmonic friend. Would LOVE to go with him to performances as we are kindred spirits in that realm. Hot, easy on the eye, and great brain food too. Time will tell. I have faith in him. (wink to Ric on that one)

Theres a AdultFriendFinder member her I'd love to hear back from - Rich - you know who you are. Where ya been honey? OOH-RAH! Rich is a real "trooper". Former Marine, handsome as hell. Involved otherwise though..shame.

In case you hadn't noticed, I have nicknames for all of my friends. All affectionate ones - no harm intended. If I DON'T have a nickname for you yet, it's because we hadn't really met in person yet to figure out a good name for ya.

Am I boring you folks yet?

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