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10/10/2005 9:30 am

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Monday, Monday

Hello my AdultFriendFinder sex pots! (INSERT CRACKING WHIP HERE) Hope you all had a well-done weekend!

Fri night at the club was interesting. I met [810couple] there (they are my best friends in the entire world) and it was to celebrate the club's 6th anniversary. Past experiences were that the place was packed. Friday night, it wasn't even close.

Saw a guy who had shown some interest in me before. Dave. The last time we saw each other, he took me out for dinner, then browsing a World Market here in town...then back to my place for what I thought was going to be some hot fun. All he wanted to do was feel up the girls (to see if they were real or not) and once he found them not to be implants, I guess the thrill was gone. No nookie that night. No call or return email since. Guess he "just wasn't that into me". So running into Dave at the club was moot. I arrived after [810couple] only to find Dave was sitting at the table with them. I spoke - changed clothes and as Patti kept sugggesting the four of us go play. I said right in front of Dave - "hey - he had his opportunity with me, he blew it - no return call, wouldn't answer my emails - that play thing just isn't going to happen." I'm not begging for sex with anyone when my email box is loaded with men who want a piece of me! Anyone that doesn't have the common courtesy to call back the next day or return an email is a piece of shit in my book - so all I have to say about Dave is "NEXT!"

So 810couple and I ended up in a playroom - it was fun! I'm not really bi - but for some reason, being with Patti is OK. Trust is the biggest thing with me in that regard. She's allot of fun and we all laugh allot. Had some perv old men hanging out at the door of the play room wanking while we played. One in particular kept saying "Can I come in - come on - let me in" and Patti and I kept saying no - and he persisted - then I just made eye contact with him and said "this is a private party - thats' why there is a chain on the door. If you want to watch, fine, but quit interrupting us!" Club rules say if you leave the door open and put the chain across, you can be watched, but no entry. If you leave the door open with no chain, thats a silent invitation for folks to join in ONLY upon personal invitation once you enter the room. So with no chain on the door, you can walk in to observe, but not join in unless you are invited to. Patti and I kept hoping for a young well hung stud to appear at the door, but that never happened LOL. DAVE did catch a glimpse though - was glad he ate that crow.

ANYHOW....Curtis came in from Canada, but only to find Grandpa hadn't left for FL yet and he had to get right back on the road Sunday - so we didn't hook up. Bummer. OH well - next time!

I did get a call from a new friend Harper, who is an attractive "water baby" I would love to know better. Timing stunk though - had a friend from out of town coming in which put the ix-nay on meeting Harper. Harper is all for burning up some disk on camera with me and I need that for my web site...but he wants to bring his own camera too. He is so handsome too - would be really easy to get crazy with him.

My pics are for my site - wonder what he wants the pics for? At any rate, Harper called, we spoke, and I am really looking forward to getting to know him and in time, be great friends, if he's OK with that. Anyone living on a lake that has access to 8 other lakes with a watercraft to get there in is top of my list of friends to have.

I LOVE THE WATER! Growing up on the East Coast, being in the Coast Guard for 6 years and now being landlocked is killing me. I always used the shoreline to clear my head, talk to myself, resolve issues and on a rare occasion, even communicate with my dead Mother, thinking she could actually hear me. I just miss the water and being near it. Ideally I would love a beachfront/lakeside home with fireplace, open floor plan and white linen curtains blowing in the wind ever so lightly while crablegs, oysters and shrimp are on the BBQ grill. Ahh, nothing like salt air to clear the mind, cleanse the soul and rejuvinate the person. In the winter - sea oats in a barrel in the corner of the living room, accented by a roaring fireplace and adirondack chairs with chemile throws and a furry rug on the floor in front of the fireplace to have hot sex on ...

I need to cut that out - damn - (wink). Hey - a girl can dream can't she?

OK - It's Monday - had a great cam session in my white nighty last night - the guys loved it - (great profile of the girls all positioned nicely surrounded by lace) - I figure I am about 5 more cam sessions from silver membership for a month. The damn AdultFriendFinder video server was fucking with me for a week and a half - kept dropping broadcasts, so I emailed tech support - they kept suggesting it was my side of the net and I gave them my system stats and told them it wasn't my end, but theirs. I told them they owed me 200 points for lost broadcasting time, and miraculously I had 200 points added to my total and the broadcast last night was FINALLY trouble free. Go figure. So AdultFriendFinder gets my kudos (this week) for good customer service...and I am only a standard member at this point.

My Southern Charm site is up! I would like to invite you to visit and help me out here. the link is and you will find me in Southern Charms I section under Burgundy Blaze . There are some promo pictures there, but juicier ones inside when you join. For those that know me, you know my hair is about a foot longer now than in those pictures, so if long hair is your thing - come see me!

I need an update to the web site soon - so HARPER - let's get busy! Anyone interested in appearing on my site has to sign two releases, provide photo ID and another form of ID - so before you go offering it up - be sure you are willing to sign a release and provide 2 forms of ID. The "at least 8 inches" is required as well - why? Because it needs to be long enough that when we are fucking - there is enough to photograph outside of me for the pics - (and I really like 'em long!).

Anyhow...I have Tues, Wed, Thurs and Fri off this week. Don't that just suck. Still haven't been able to connect with a FT job, but hopefully will be able to keep my momentum and not lose sight of my goals. I'm only working 3 1/2 hours today - what the fuck is the point? I wish AdultFriendFinder would hire me to help with approvals, etc so things would go faster round here - I'd be great at that and could do it from home. Oh well.

PMM and I are ships that keep passing in the calendar...Curtis is a travelling wanderer...and others just want to fuck and not court me. TONS of others...just not what I am really in search of. I NEED SOME COURTING! White carriage rides, complete with champagne and caviar, symphony performances - I am YEARNING for these things.

Sigh..switching gears here

OK, I'm going to have to "just fuck" to get pics for the website until Mr Right comes along and decides to be my hot fun-bunny for life. Not really pleased with that, but it is a necessary evil right now. When camming, I get IM's saying "take it all off, show me that wet pussy, blahblahblah. NOT happening! I'm more of a Southern leather and lace seductress - leaving something to the imagination, fulfilling a visual need and a yearning for more. Be happy in that. I'm not a hard core cammer. And when I am one - it will be for profit only with Mr Right in the shots. YOu will LOVE watching me give head! Oh yeah baby!

Have a great week my hot AdultFriendFinder love monkeys! (insert cracking whip here)

Kisses to your most senstive spots from the hot shapely lips of a true Southern Charm!



cnysportsexec 54M

10/12/2005 7:35 pm

Thanks for being a part of the group!

I look forward to meeting you on my next trip to Indiana; likely in November! I'll also try to make your holiday party....sounds like a great time. Look forward to having fun together. J

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