Guys get unwanted attention here too.  

bullseyetou 64M
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5/5/2006 11:22 am

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Guys get unwanted attention here too.

Hi all - Seems I haven't been blogging much lately - writer's block I guess.
Oh well, summer is here and adventure sure to ensue.

Today however, I have a topic that I'm sure a lot of women out there wonder about. Guys getting unwanted attention in a f f. Yup, it happens.

I've talked with several women in here who have told me tales of this, some reaching the point of cyber-stalking. Thankfully I haven't experienced that yet but I have received unwanted advances.

I am straight. That dosen't mean that I'm homo-phobic. I am very compfortable with my heterosexuality and respect those who have diverse turn ons. I do not feel the slightest bit of excitment or interest in the prospect of sexual interaction with a male. I hope that sets the record straight for any guy out there wondering.

I have no aversion to a mfm if the other male is straight as well, in fact it can be a hell of a turn on for the woman in the threesome.

But when it comes down to play with a man; well that thought just dosen't do a thing for me; so no point in trying it out.

Recently I received a wink and an e-mail from a guy offering me a gum job. I politely declined and don't believe he will bother me again.

About the same time I received a wink from a woman that I believe may well be a guy in drag; the only naked shot sent was of the ass and I've yet to meet a woman with an adam's apple.

For my part I try to respect what I read in a profile. I admit that I have made contact when profiles are unclear. As a standard member I am limited in access to profiles and contact but there are still ways to meet people here.

I think there will always be people in a f f that don't respect the boundries we set in our profiles - that tells me that they are unlikely to respect boundries in relationships as well.

For our part it is important to craft our profiles carefully. It would help eliminate some errors in the judgement of others and spare us an awkward response.

Finally to those who ignore a clear description of where my interests lie in a f f - I will continue to be polite on the first contact; not on the second.

later all - Bull

bullseyetou 64M
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5/6/2006 6:41 am

Exactly Katy - but I think people often read only what they want to see in here - too bad, that usually leads to frustration and then they wonder why.
Too bad your in Iowa lol I'll have to read you into cape cod - smile.
later - Bull

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