OK ladies, would you......  

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7/26/2005 4:44 pm

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OK ladies, would you......

Being a horny red blooded American male who loves women, there is nothing that would make me happier than having two women enjoy each other as I was allowed to watch and then have my way with the both of them. That seems to be the fantasy of most every straight guy I know.

My question to the ladies is, Would you enjoy having a MMF threesome? Would you want the guys to have relations with each other or just you? Or is there another scenario that you would prefer?

rm_bo0berry 33F
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8/8/2005 12:13 am

LOL, at this question. I'm almost tempted enough to answer it. Maybe I will later, but for now I shall' let ones mind wonder, but I will say it would be MMF type issue.

JDSouthernBelle 38F

8/27/2005 8:12 am


Bullman, I would definately agree that a FFM situation is the fantasy of every straight guy! Also a MMF situation tends to be a lot of women's fantasy regarding a threesome. I personally would want both men to focus their attention on me..not each other.

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10/21/2007 4:19 pm


Crabbygurl1 56F

10/6/2011 6:21 pm

MFM encounter.......
Date Night ..... A Husbands Story

It was our date night. It was a chance to change the tempo of our life and we looked forward to it each week as it drew closer. For background, we are a mid forties couple, Tom and Erin, 3 grown children, both working professionals, both physically active and pretty open sexually.

We would pick an old favorite most of the time for dinner but tonight we decided to try somewhere new. The write-ups in the local paper had been good and besides the restaurant, there was a live music club in the back.

Dinner was as good as advertised and the staff was very friendly, even to the point of I'm pretty sure that our waiter, Jamie, was flirting with both of us and had mentioned that if we were going to stay for the band tonight he was off in a couple of hours.

The club itself was good sized and by the time the band had started there were a couple of hundred people in it. We danced with each other, with others on the floor and even our waiter found us in the crowd and joined us for a while. There was one couple in particular, of similar age, both very attractive, that spent some time with us at a table while we took a break from dancing and had a few drinks.

We were both feeling the effects of the alcohol and the mood of the crowd and our inhibitions, if any were pretty much set aside. The pleasant conversation turned to flirting with the other couple and our waiter from the restaurant made sure we knew that he was interested in us when he found us again on the dance floor.

By 1am the band was done and we looked at each other knowing we had some decisions to make. Neither of us wanted the night to be over. It was just a matter of what we desired and the possibilities…

I think Jamie made the decision for us when he walked over and took both of our hands and said "It's too early to call it a night."

"I agree," Erin told him. "Let me say goodbye to the other couple and you two figure out where we go from here," she added and then walked over to the bar where the other couple was standing.

Jamie said his good nights to them.

"Your wife is gorgeous, and I'm feeling really naughty tonight so I hope you can handle sharing Erin for a bit!"

All I could do was smile and then asked him "Are you ok with coming back to our place?" "We've got a 4 person hot tub and it's a good night for being out under the stars, swimsuit optional of course."

Erin had made her way back to us and hearing my last comment told Jamie, "It's naked or not at all."

Arm in arm we walked out to the parking lot and Erin suggested that she ride with Jamie rather than have him follow us. My lack of a passenger on the ride home gave me some time to think about what might go on the rest of the evening and I was pretty sure that even though I would enjoy it, the rest of this night was about my wife and the other man in her car. It had been almost a year since we had involved anyone else in our sex life so we were probably way past due. I know Erin was excited and with Jamie being as forward as he had been it seemed like just the push we'd needed tonight to open things up once more.

It didn't surprise me that I was the first one home. I pulled the cover off of the hot tub, got towels out for everyone, and set to making a pitcher of margaritas. Erin and Jamie still were not home by the time I was finished so I took the pitcher and glasses out to the patio, stripped, and poured myself a drink before climbing in the tub. I was leaning back and lost in the warm water when they finally arrived.

I knew better than to ask what had kept them and instead told them that the towels were already out and there was a pitcher of margaritas on the table. They were out of their clothes quickly and I got a look at Jamie naked when he climbed into the tub. He had a larger cock than I would have thought and he was already getting stiff. He had a shaved genital area that was soon hidden from my sight as he submerged in the water.

He leaned forward to kiss my wife lightly as she climbed in and made room for him to sit in between us. He then reached out for Erin and I watched as they kissed passionately, their hands roaming all over each other.

Even in the water, I could tell how excited Erin was already and I was excited as she squirmed on top of me and my fingers toyed in between her pussy lips and her clit. Jamie's mouth and hands were busy with Erin's nipples as I deliberately strummed her clit harder her moans increased in volume. Jamie's fingers were sliding in and out of Erin's pussy as I rubbed her clit harder now and it put her over the edge quickly and neither Jamie nor I let up on the assault on Erin. Three, four times she came in quick succession, each one building on the prior one and if it hadn't been for Jamie's mouth covering Erin's her cries would have been heard all over the neighborhood.

My cock was stone hard right now and when Erin rose up from my lap I felt a hand (Jamie?) guiding the head into Erin's still spasming pussy.

"Oh god Tom.... yessss.. fuck me," Erin hissed and slammed back down on my lap, burying me completely inside of her.

We were both lost to the passion of the moment as I thrust up time after time into her and she in turn matched my movements. Jamie was standing in front of us, one hand and his mouth playing with Erin's breasts, the other hand stimulating his own cock.

We were all breathing hard and Erin's pussy was so tight around my cock that I knew I wouldn't last much longer. It came sooner than I thought when Jamie stopped playing with himself and cupped and fondled my balls. Two more quick thrusts into Erin and I was cumming hard, every muscle in my body tense as I shot spurt after spurt deep inside of her.

Except for her pussy, which continued to spasm, Erin had stopped moving altogether and laid back almost limp against me while our breathing and hearts started to slow and settle. Jamie had moved closer and he was whispering in Erin's ear then kissing the side of her face and neck. She had a radiant smile on her face and all I could think of to tell her at the moment was "thanks."

"I'm next," he said in reply. "Does she always cum that hard?"

"It's been a while but yeah, she gets pretty intense like that most of the time," I answered.

Erin stirred in my lap and reached out for Jamie to pull her in close.

"I owe you," she told him. "Let's get out of the water and see what we can do about returning the favor."

"You don't have to Erin, it's okay."

"Fuck that!" Erin said. "I can give as good as I get and I want you. I want to taste you when I make you cum like I just did."

She reached for Jamie, pulling him close, and kissed him fiercely as her hands wandered over his cock and eventually down between his legs to slide her fingers inside of him. When her mouth moved to suck on and tease his cock Jamie spread his legs wider and I watched silently as Erin took control of the other man. Her mouth left Jamie's cock long enough to tell him to sit on the edge of the hot tub and once seated, she asked me to kneel down in between his legs.

I could see how aroused he was when Erin used both hands to spread the cheeks of his bare ass and with her lips and tongue began teasing him between his ass and balls. Erin hadn't been with a lot of other men but I knew that she would take care of our new friend like she had always done with me. It would be slow, painfully sensual teasing to the edge of cumming and then back off, only to start again.

It wasn't long and Jamie was moving toward Erins mouth, trying to get her to take his cock and suck it off, moaning every time he got close. Erin was not going to ease up and continued to play with his anal area.

"Don't cum yet sweetie," Erin told him. "This is just to get you warmed up for the bedroom."

Jamie let out a very audible sigh and said "then let's get in there, I can't take any more of this teasing."

I was the first one out of the hot tub and handed both Erin and Jamie towels after helping them out. Jamie was understandably shaky on his legs and Erin and I put our arms around him as the three of us left the patio and walked back into the house. I left them at the door to the bedroom and went back to the kitchen to get some ice water and glasses thinking that none of us needed any more alcohol tonight.

By the time I got back to the bedroom Erin had pulled back the duvet and covers and she and Jamie were laying on their sides, each with a leg between the other's, kissing passionately. I could tell from the sounds of their moans and whimpers that they were right back to where they had left off in the hot tub.

I set the glasses and pitcher down and sat on the side of the bed, watching as Erin broke their kiss and started moving her mouth slowly down Jamie's body. When she got to his cock, she ran the tip of her tongue down and around one ball, then the other and I could see him stiffening from her teasing. When she took one between her lips and suckled it, Jamie moved a hand down to the back of Erin's head to hold it in place.

"God that feels good," he hissed as Erin continued to suck hard on it.

Her mouth was still on Jamie's balls when she reached down to slide her fingers in between the cheeks of his ass and from where I was sitting I could see that Jamie was rock hard again. Erin lifted her head from Jamie's balls and asked him if he could take care of my stiff hard on hanging just inches from his mouth. I watched as she sucked Jamie's cock. She sucked it all the way down her throat. Jamie was moaning as he took my cock into his mouth.

He was being gentle now as he licked my cock from top to bottom and back up between his lips. Each time he sucked my cock deeply he ran his tongue roughly over the edge of my balls. Erin had moved up the bed so that I could continue to have my cock sucked while I played with Erin's pussy. Erin continued to suck Jamie's cock, and the combination of sensations soon had her squirming on the bed next to us.

I could tell when Erin was ready to explode because her pussy was getting very wet again. She spread her legs further apart and cried out "Yesssss.... I need to cum so bad...don't stop!"

I didn't need to see what she was doing when Jamie's orgasm exploded in her mouth. I knew her finger was teasing his ass, stimulating his prostrate as he continued to suck my cock in and out of his lips. With him sucking me and her moans of orgasm I was sent over the edge.

It was so incredibly sexy watching the two of them, Jamie cumming in strong, spurting waves, and Erin never letting loose of his cock as he came loads of cum into her mouth. Jamie was cumming hard. I began to cum hard and Jamie let loose my cock and let it spray all over his neck.

Erin left Jamie's cock and took my cumming cock into her mouth and sucked it until I had nothing left to cum.

Jamie reached out to stroke Erin's face and told her "I think that was awesome, didn't you?"

"Yes" she replied.

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