Don't fake it!  

bulging_boy 50M
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12/18/2005 2:09 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Don't fake it!

Once again the recurring topic of online friendships does the rounds.

So many people are quick to dismiss the bonds that form across the internet on the grounds that it's the internet... and the internets full of ummm... deviants.

Hell of course it is... I mean... look around this site for God's sake.

Still... perverts... deviants we may be. Maybe that's partly what draws us together.

You know it makes me think back to a few years ago before this magical technological advance. Back in the dark ages... folk used to have ummm.... now what were they called again?

Oh yeah! Penpals. That's what they called them.

Penpals were real, and people on the blogs and in chat aren't!


Funny huh? That with the realtime nature of chat... coupled with the rather unmistakeable and unfoolable device called the webcam.

But I guess... penpals... chatpals...

What it is that makes it work is the people behind the pen and paper, behind the cam and keyboard.

With technology, we have a shortcut that allows us to see and hear people on the other side of the world... and that allows the relationships to form a bit quicker than they would normally.

This means that people who share common interests and views will naturally gravitate to each other.

The sad part is that with all the real people here... they attract people who aren't.


Why do sick people come here and prey on trusting people? You know there are a lot of people here that I call my friends. And I call them that proudly.

So it does piss me off. Not a little. Not a lot. But an phenomenal amount. I can't even measure it... it's that large.

It pisses me off that there are people who view this as something that needs to be dismantled

Or that popular blogs are some kind of easy target for emotionally abusing the authors. If you are that type of person... please do me a favour and stay away. You really spoil it for everyone else.

Most of the people here are genuine. Most of the people here who blog will expose parts of themselves that leave them raw. Some do it because they want to... some because they have to... and some because they trust enough that the person who reads that will identify with them as a person.

My friend tonight was hurt because of someone who couldn't be truthful, someone who tried their hardest to fuck him over emotionally. But do you know what? Do you know what? You selfish, ignorant bitch?

There is a support network for him. He reaches out. We reach back! That's what friends do.

So take your falseness and your bitterness... your twisted selfish person and sit yourself infront of a mirror.

Look really hard and decide yourself if you like yourself. If you do? I will avoid you at all costs. If you don't? Do something about it!

There are too many people here trying to make this whole thing safe for others. Luke has started a register for people who get burned. Use it. It sounds like the sort of thing we need.

This is not the place for parasites to feed. We need to protect ourselves all the time. Sad but true. The cool thing about having a group of friends here, is that some days, you can let them do the protecting... while you catch your breath.

I am always here for my friends. I know the same of them.

In saying that. Don't look at me as having a closed door. If it's closed... knock! I will answer. However if I open and you're a parasite? I will shut it back in your face.


12/18/2005 3:22 am

Awesome posting BB.

I have no idea who you are talking about but it just doesn't matter.

All I know is that if I were to see this whole site as a big game of rugby (which is a stretch for me since I'm the polar opposite of a "sports and cars guy" ) that I'd definitely want to be on your team!

I hope that makes sense!



rm_luke69iner 49M
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12/18/2005 4:09 am

Yeah man let's list them I like being mean to mean people.

I've started a spread sheet with identifying information for reported knuckledraggers. I will post the cumulative list of identifying information as it is updated that way women and men can figure out who in their area they should avoid even if they change their profiles.

From now on whenever you run into any knuckledraggers or shit clowns please give me the following info:

AdultFriendFinder Handle
Where they live
Body Type
Hair Color
Hair Length
Eye Color
Glasses or Contacts
Any other significant identifying information
A short description of what they have done

Yes they can lie about their birthdate, occupation, and where they live but you can verify if they are lying. A decent guy or gal who lies about these things in his profile because they think they need to protect their identity online should tell you the truth up front. If you catch someone lying that should be a red flag. Why would anyone want to be intimate with someone that lies to you?

I won’t post the handle of who reported the knuckledragger in my post but to be fair I do need a description of what their offense was.

Here is the link to leave any info for the Knuckledragger's Identification List
Knuckledragger Identification List

S'io credesse che mia risposta fosse
A persona che mai tornasse al mondo,
Questa fiamma staria senza piu scosse.
Ma perciocche giammai di questo fondo
Non torno vivo alcun, s'i'odo il vero,
Senza tema d'infamia ti rispondo

2xTwiceShy 52M
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12/18/2005 4:10 am

Quite the rumble from down under sir. Possibly the strongest words I've heard you use. Should I be looking for a petition to sign?

rm_luke69iner 49M
3275 posts
12/18/2005 4:16 am

You can email me the info. Please send a picture of your hooters though with your email. Oh sorry, I get confused sometimes when we start talking about knuckledraggers and forget that it doesn't mean I should be one. Just an email with the info is fine.

Actually though the guys should still send a picture of their hooters cause that just sounds funny. Dang I've really got to stop blogging when I'm tired.

S'io credesse che mia risposta fosse
A persona che mai tornasse al mondo,
Questa fiamma staria senza piu scosse.
Ma perciocche giammai di questo fondo
Non torno vivo alcun, s'i'odo il vero,
Senza tema d'infamia ti rispondo

rm_sj365 57F
2414 posts
12/18/2005 4:54 am

*knock knock* can i come in?
*opens fridge door* got any snacks?
*peers in & sees nothing but beer & lamb chops* ewwwwww
got any donuts?
*looks around for the most comfy chair*
*picks her way through the littered beer cans & empty tubes of astroglide* has trav been visiting again? jesus hes a slob!
*plops down in the biggest, most comfy chair* can we order pizza? and ask em if they'll stop on the way to deliver & pick up some donuts would ya?

DTduzDallas 51F

12/18/2005 6:11 am

**hogs donuts** Did he just call me a selfish, ignorant bitch?

(Good post.)

wife4stranger 58F

12/18/2005 8:05 am

Nice post, Bulge. It is a shame that others are so fearful of people different from themselves having a voice. Makes me quite happy to count myself among the perverted, deviant ones.

slidein2meplz 63F
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12/18/2005 8:21 am

**ooooohhh....I want chocolate covered**

You tell'em Bulge! Hugs to the kids...

~~~ Just me, poppin to say HI! ~~

Sister_Act_4_You 39F/39F

12/18/2005 8:59 am

This just another reason that I love your blog so know, I was already prepared to post that sentiment because you always make me smile and/or laugh. But this, is also what I said it yourself in so many words: you are real.

Thanks for being here and risking opening yourself up and putting yourself out there!

I, too, always marvel at the idea that I can actually speak 'live' to people all over the fuckin' awesome is that?!

rm_saintlianna 46F
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12/18/2005 9:06 am

You KNOW I am always here for you, no matter what.

rm_DaphneR 59F
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12/18/2005 9:36 am

I've heard more people complain about the men on this site being players but unfortunately there are just as many women here that think it's all a game.

Attract, play on their emotions, reel them in, make them want you and give you the attention and devotion you are lacking in your life, then stomp on them or just walk away without a word.

Stop playing with people's emotions. No one wins when you do.

Have tongue, will use it. Repeatedly.

impish_pixie 55F
6867 posts
12/18/2005 9:54 am

God I love this place and you guys. It IS real friendships that grow and it IS so cool that I can "meet" and talk to so many people all over the world. In a way it's a "Peace Activity"...for when we take the time to get to know others unlike oursleves it breeds friendship and peace. Love the list idea Luke...power of the people and all that - but it's also like having a "cyber-big brother"...feels nice to know that other's are looking out for me. I actually feel sorry for the poor kd's...they'll never know the "joy & happiness" (thanks Trav) of friendship - because you know if they're like that on here - their life probably sucks in general "out there" too. Count me in on the Posse...

I make mistakes, I am out of control & at times hard to handle. But if you can't handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don't deserve me at my best. ~Marilyn

bardicman 51M

12/18/2005 11:28 am

I agree with pixie.. Count me in on the pussy !!!

Wait she said posse.. damn .. oh well ..

The people who do not belive in the friendships... The people that prey on the emotions of us that do... You are the ones that lose out in the end.. You are the ones with a life far darker than mine... You are the ones who die old and lonely while I am surrounded by loving and caring people. Good luck on your quest for happiness. I have found mine

I am not dead yet

fantasia_shares 48M/45F
4164 posts
12/18/2005 1:39 pm

wow...quite a bit of crazy stuff in a short 24 hour period...amazing...

as far as i'm concerned...bedragglers and dorks and ding-a-lings can hear from me...and I'll just tell em i did on my blog today

Some people can be such idiots...fortunately most of them don't even seem to know how to read


You might want to know who to watch out for around here: Are YOU a Dirty Bad Man or Woman !

Please tell me the secrets of your sex appeal Primping!

And a MUST READ: [post 2294897]

Just shamelessly pimping my own damned blog!

bulging_boy 50M

12/18/2005 1:39 pm

Hey there KC,

Yeah... you're right. It really doesn't matter!

What matters here are the real people who open up to each other.

Thanks mate, it aint all about teams tho... but in some ways, it feels like there is an element of us and them about it.

bulging_boy 50M

12/18/2005 1:43 pm

Thanks Luke

Lets hope some good comes of that.

bulging_boy 50M

12/18/2005 1:46 pm

2x... No there is no petition.

We can't force people to be themselves.

At the end of the day... if they don't like who they are, they will try to be something else.

If there was a petition... signing it would involve doing what you're doing now. Being real.

bulging_boy 50M

12/18/2005 1:47 pm


You already have a picture of my hooters!

bulging_boy 50M

12/18/2005 1:49 pm


How did you get in here!


That's right... I forgot for a moment I gave you a spare key!

Sure sweetie! What kind of donuts you want?

bulging_boy 50M

12/18/2005 1:50 pm

I'd never call you selfish DT


bulging_boy 50M

12/18/2005 1:54 pm

Hi wife,

Yeah... it reminds them of what they lack, or want.

It's easier to pretend you are or have those things than it is to get them.

When people get too close here... the fake ones will just disappear. My guess is out of fear that they will be found out.


bulging_boy 50M

12/18/2005 1:56 pm

Hey Slide,

Yep... Chocolate covered coming up.

Kids always get hugs

bulging_boy 50M

12/18/2005 1:59 pm

Thanks Sister,

Yeah... I am real. So are loads of others too.

Anytime you want another one to talk to!

bulging_boy 50M

12/18/2005 2:01 pm

I do know that Saint.

Thanks sweetie.

You know I'm here for you too!

bulging_boy 50M

12/18/2005 2:02 pm

In a nutshell Daph!


bulging_boy 50M

12/18/2005 2:06 pm

You know Pixie,

you're absolutely right. This place is fantastic at breaking down the preconcieved barriers.

Hey! I'll be the first to admit that Americans are portrayed as ignorant self serving wankers.

But! I'll also be the first to admit that I have *not* met one single person here who has validated that belief. As a result, I am a richer person for having made so many friends that I wouldn't have otherwise.

I know when I'm wrong, and I will happily admit it... ok... not happily all the time. In this instance. I am ecstatic.

Thanks to *all* of you for helping me break those walls of ignorance down.

bulging_boy 50M

12/18/2005 2:08 pm


You would be one of the ugliest candles I have ever seen.

But that aside... you do put out an amazingly bright light!

Cheers Mate!

Kimmers777 107F

12/18/2005 4:23 pm

Are you ready for a sheep free vacation yet? I do hope you're back in the holiday spirit before the week is over!

bulging_boy 50M

12/18/2005 4:25 pm

True fantasia,

The ones that scare me are the ones that *can* read!

Somehow the fact that they have the intelligence to read and still choose to act the way they do... takes away that kinda unevolved ignorance as an excuse.

bulging_boy 50M

12/18/2005 5:08 pm

Thats right special,

We take words onboard and into ourselves, once it's inside... we are at risk of those words being turned into something hurtful.

That's one of the reasons I like to surround myself with the absolutely fantastic people I do.

bulging_boy 50M

12/18/2005 5:10 pm

Hey Kimmers!

Is that an offer?

Holy crap! If it is... then I'm in the holiday spirit right now!


sexymermaid6956 64F
26393 posts
12/19/2005 8:53 am

knock knock peering in around the corner..may i come in????wonderful your honesty....


Seduce my mind and my body

bulging_boy 50M

12/19/2005 10:21 am

Hiya Mermaid,

Of course you can, There's plenty of room...

It's nice to see you here!

helga_hansen 50F
1987 posts
12/19/2005 10:35 am

I love the fact that the web's reach is far and wide... so many new people to call "friend", even if I never have the chance to actually sit in your company!! Thanks to you and all the others that always make me feel so welcome.


Love, hugs and kisses from ♥♥HH♥♥

bulging_boy 50M

12/19/2005 12:14 pm

Me too Helga,

Who knows *what's* around the corner... but the thought of sitting in your company is a nice one!



12/19/2005 10:38 pm

Sorry to keep taking repetitive dumps in your post here BB but I couldn't help but comment on this comment of your own...

Hey! I'll be the first to admit that Americans are portrayed as ignorant self serving wankers.

But! I'll also be the first to admit that I have *not* met one single person here who has validated that belief. As a result, I am a richer person for having made so many friends that I wouldn't have otherwise.

I know when I'm wrong, and I will happily admit it... ok... not happily all the time. In this instance. I am ecstatic.

Thanks to *all* of you for helping me break those walls of ignorance down.

One thing I've noticed on other net based boards that I've participated in is that "the man at the helm" (President Bush) seems to have exacerbated this international perception of native United Statesians to quite an extreme degree.

Just this July some Auzzie guy at another site i was part of layed into the Americans on the list for even mentioning celebrating our independence from England holiday , July the 4th. Saying quite derisively "you all sound downright patriotic"!

Now I'm ususally the first to agree with 'foreigners' about the native ingnorances and landlockedness of the average United Statesian beacuse there is really some truth in it. But this Auzzie cat, who was quite a bright guy who I had a lot of repect for, somehow touched off a nerve in me. So I asked him if he boycotted his won countries independence day and touted the native ignorances of his own the Land Down Under (which, altyhough different than those of the average US citizen, they for sure have).

He then quite defensively began shitting an endless cascade of bricks. Jesus Christ did I touch some big hangin' nerve in him! It was actually quite hilarious and he _never_ forgave me for that for some odd reason.

And I'll certainly agree I that our current leader ain't helping AT ALL with the international perception of United Statesians. We sure ain't _all_ like that bozo! I can't wait until he's outa there.

Anyways I'm glad you make your judgements based on 1st hand experience (if you can call the internet that) rather than on popular heresay or on the stupid acts and behavior of particular world leaders.



bulging_boy 50M

12/19/2005 11:17 pm

I've always been one for that KC,

I just embarrassed myself for buying into the popular belief.

So glad that folks like you are able to keep me on the straight and narrow tho!

Light_N_Truth 43M
50 posts
12/22/2005 12:44 am

Hmmm. Interesting. I heard both sides, this story seems a bit lopsided.

bulging_boy 50M

12/22/2005 3:25 am

Both sides of what Light?

GoddessOfTheDawn 106F
11240 posts
12/24/2005 4:57 am

happy holidayz

bulging_boy 50M

12/25/2005 12:02 am

and to you Goddess!

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