Crossing paths in the midst of life  

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2/10/2006 8:45 pm

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Crossing paths in the midst of life

I am getting ready to drive through town in a minute, but now as I drive in and around town, when I pull up to light I look around to see if I can see you. I picture you as a beautiful woman who knows she's sexy, who has fun tantalizing the minds of hungry men, and only stops when her hunger exceeds her strength. I keep thinking one day hopefully not to far off I will see you or someone I think is you, sitting in the car next to me at a traffic light. I look over as you look over and as ours eyes meet, it as if we are looking at each other and simultaneously saying in our minds, "Is that him/her!" As that thought passes through the recesses of our mind we just let a little smile escape the corners of our mouths to acknowledge each other, just as the light turns green and we pull off. We then lose one another in sea of cars as we tregde along in our daily commute. Coming so close that we can almost see each other, but then the traffic replaces our chance encounter with distance. Moments before we were tucked away safely in our cars, tuning out the world in our private spaces. But as our paths crossed for that fleeting moment there you were only few feet away with only metal, glass, and clothing keeping us from fulfilling our desires! As I contiued on my commute I asked myself does she know that she saw me? Will she send me another e-mail or have I lost her for good? Today could be as close as I will ever get or was it?

Life is Good!

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