BJ in the snow___Wow! that's cold!  

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2/3/2006 11:12 am

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BJ in the snow___Wow! that's cold!

I was staying at a friend's house to shorten my morning commute to work becuase it was snowing. My friend at the time had a female roomate (not-a-girlfriend)and around 1am she wanted some more beer so I went with her. A short walk through the woods and we emeged behind the adjoining business park. We bought some beer and on the way back she stopped behind a Chinese resaurant and said wait! so I stopped and turned towards her, she said come her so I got closer. She said I love a good cock as she grabbed my crotch! I said oh yeah! and what do like to do with them? she said suck_fuck_play! Well, there I was standing under street lights which were intensified as the light reflected off the fresh blanket of snow. I glanced around and across the street at the nearby hotel which by the way had a parking lot full of cars as motorists saught shelter from the storm. I gave the windows a quick glance and did not see any movement, so I unzipped my pants. When she said that she liked cock she was not lying. She quickly dropped down onto one knee and pulled my organ from its WARM protective layer of clothing. My cock was throbbing and swellon as I felt that quick blast of crisp air. No worries though becuase it was quickly blanketed by a hot wet mouth. She worked it like a pro as she carresed my tethered sack! I put one hand up against the wall and leaned slightly forward and started pumping her mouth. Then she looked up at me and made direct eye contact as if to say I know I'm GOOD! I began to pump faster___faster and then in a low voice I said I gonna cum! I was not sure if she wanted that load or not and did not want to upset her. Instead she sucked harder and really gave my balls a gentle rub! The next thing I knew I was unloading in her mouth, as she kept up the pace. Well little did she know that I usually release several times and she pulled off just as the last shot found its mark right onto the front of her jacket! She laughed and swipped it off with her finger and slung it to the ground! Man was my mind racing! let's just say that was the only cum of mine that I saw. Then she stood up and began grinding on my leg! She was wearing sweat pants so I slid a hand in and what did I find, a really hot__WET__smoothly saved LUNCHBOX! I began to rub and massage her engorged button, as I reached behind her and groped her buttocks. She began to twist and grind on my hand and finger and moan...A few minutes later she let out a quivering moan and went sort of limp on me! She said wow! I never went that easy before your hot. I reached into the bag and got out two cold beers us. She took a drink of hers and said man you taste good! I said Oh! thinking she was happy with our little interlude and she said no! I mean it! Yours really taste good! I know I have had alot! I guess the old addage of practice makes perfect once again holds true! At least in my eyes.

M_M_M_M_M! a song comes to mind! "Oh what a night!"

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