Story of the tatts and others.  

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Story of the tatts and others.

This is the tatt.

Ok for those that are unfamiliar with the ways of Australia, we had a system where 18 year olds names were drawn out of a barrell and if yours was called you did National Service.
Well as luck would have it the very last intake I was picked and the best two years of my youth began.
Basic training was at Pukapunyal and there we were drilled punched and bored until we were considered soldiers.
Back in those days we thought the uniform was pretty hot and when on our first leave travelled down to Melbourne where we paraded around hoping some shiela's would pick us up, we really thought we were spunks.
Anway we proceeded to get drunk at Young and Jacksons hotel and outside there was the annual Moomba parade going on with around half a million people gathered in the city to watch the parade.
Aha we thought this is the time to pick up a bit of crumpet so we staggered out into Lonsdale street and picked the first good looking shiela to pass.
Now in those days we used to (as a pick up line) say to unknown girls " Hey darling you dropped something" and if they didn't reply and most didn't the retort would be "Well see if I care if you bleed to death."
Real cool not. Anyway this chick as quick as a flash turned to us infont of hundreds of people and at the top of her voice replied "Yeah the shadow of me C--T pick it up and fuck it." That had us looking as foolish as we should be and heading for the hills.
Well back to the tatts we were nicely pissed and after our embarassing encounter found a tattoo parlour open so we all trotted in.
In front of us was a scotsman 6'2" if he was an inch, built like a brick shithouse and all mouth. Instead of just taking off his jersey and rolling up his sleeves he had to be the big bronzed hero and take off his shirt and bare his muscles.
While this was going on through my drunken haze I chose a rather large tattoo that would cover my entire lower arm. OK this scotsman sat down the tatooist took up his needle and began the job when this great tub of jelly as it turned out fainted and fell on the floor.
When they had brought him around and settled him down the tattooist turned to me and said he would do mine while scotty recovered.
Well I wont say I was chicken shit but my first tattoo was a little scroll with mother tattood in it hardly covered two square inches. I suppose tatts are a little narcotic because after getting one we tend to get more and as the experience wasn't all that bad I ended up with seven.
Home on leave one weekend my mother saw my tatts and very quickly informed me to cover them up incase my father saw them because she said he would give me a beating if he saw them but before I had them covered I showed her my pride and joy tattoo.
On my upper right arm the tatt in the pic was for my mum as I said to her when she died I was going to have her name tattooed in the scroll.
Well she put paid to that by giving me a resounding clip over the ears and threatened to disown me if I did, so to this day it still isn't finished.
Years later my father was in hospital in the middle of an Australian summer and I went to visit him just as I went to enter the hospital I remembered mums words about his hate of tatts so I donned my woolen jersey.
Here I am with sweat pouring down my face trying desperately to look cool, the old fellow said take your jersey off and I kept saying no I'm ok with the sweat starting to pool at my feet. Just before it was time to go he said to me "You might like to take it off now I think you have suffered enough I have known about the tattoos for years.
Just goes to show we can't outdo our oldies.
Talking of oldies when I was about 12 I had a terrible fight with the old man when he had come home drunk once again, so I called him some names and took off with him chasing me.
Across from our house were the stables at the local pub and as I ran by I saw some nice hot horse shit.
So being a smart little bugger I started throwing the horse shit at the old man he stopped just out of range put his hands on his hips and very quietly said "You have to come home sometime."
Smartarse me shook like the proverbial jelly knowing when I did go home I was in for a proper beating so in delaying the inevitable I only suffered longer shows just how dumb I was.

brute472 75M
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7/11/2006 11:46 pm

I think I will obey her wishes as she is probably keeping an eye on me from wherever she is.

twirly_girl 48F

7/10/2006 6:42 pm

    Quoting brute472:
    I missed out the bit where I had my girlfriends name and had to have it blanked out cause the shiela I married didn't like another girls name on my arm.Talking about seeing them what about yours? Or is it in too rude a place for daddy to see.
Only have a pic of one.
It's a celtic knot with a
heart shaded in.
I love this tat.
Actually I love celtic designs period.

If I ever get a pic of the rose on my shoulder
I'll show it to ya.


brute472 75M
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7/9/2006 10:09 pm

I missed out the bit where I had my girlfriends name and had to have it blanked out cause the shiela I married didn't like another girls name on my arm.Talking about seeing them what about yours? Or is it in too rude a place for daddy to see.

twirly_girl 48F

7/9/2006 6:07 pm

Great story!
Parents always do know, huh? LOL
Would like to see pics of the rest of them.


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