Games of Chance, the 2nd part  

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Games of Chance, the 2nd part

Okay, so you guys really don't have a lot of imagination. Only 1 of you really attempted to add to my story. The other, well,....

The bet was placed. Her would be lover had made the deal and she sealed it by accepting. She was to attempt to hold 5 dimes between her fingertips for 30 minutes while he touched, tickled, caressed, and did whatever pleasurable thing he could think of to her body. If she managed to hold on to those dimes, he would give her anything her heart desired. Anything. If she managed to lose just one dime, she would be his slave for the night.

Anyway, here's the next part:

They went up to his penthouse suite. She undressed and stepped up on the low table while he counted out the 5 dimes. She held her left hand out, palm up for him to place one dime on each fingertip and on the pad of her thumb. She gently placed her right hand palm down over her left, trapping the dimes between her fingertips. He set the timer for 30 minutes. The test of wills had begun.

"My God, but you are beautiful," he murmured to her trembling nakedness as he slowly walked around her, his eyes bright dots, burning into her exposed flesh. Just the anticipation of what he was going to do to distract her from the dimes made her juices start to flow. She could feel her pulse in her clit, gently throbbing to the rhythm of her heart as he came closer to her.

First, he moved his face close to hers and looked deep into her eyes. She could smell the faint aroma of cigars and the expensive champagne they'd shared earlier on his breath. His breath. It was so warm as is touched her skin. First, her face, then her throat as he moved closer to her - not quite touching, but just close enough to let his breath caress every pore of her being. Down over her breasts, her stomach, her thighs, her toes, and back up to her trembling mound where he lingered and breathed in the scent of her.

He stepped back a half step and waited for several agonizing moments. Just long enough for her body to start to relax so that she jumped when he gently placed his strong hands on her shoulders. "Now don't lose those dimes," he scolded. Then, he slowly ran his fingertips up her neck and wound his fingers into her long, auburn hair. He smelled of her hair, so sweet from the sun when they were out on the bay earlier in the day with a hint of the lavender flowers in her conditioner before trailing his fingertips down her arms, back,buttocks, and legs. Then, he trailed his fingertips back up the front of her legs, moving outward as he approached her thighs, and back inward to her belly and up to her breasts, cupping each in turn and watching as the nipples hardened.

He took a sip of icy water so his lips and tongue would be cool. He heard a sharp gasp from her as he gently flicked her nipple with his tongue, then took the tip between his lips to gently nip and suck it before moving on to the other breast.

He could feel her body start to give in, but he didn't want this to be an easy win. He stood back and gazed into her eyes once again.

"Your knees are shaking so hard. Are you ready to give in?"

"Absolutely not," she whispered.

"Oh, so you are going to be a real challenge. I may just have to use my entire arsenal of tricks to break your defenses."

He drank another sip of the icy water, and stepped forward once again. This time she was prepared for the coolness of his tongue as he kissed her lips, then her neck, moving up to gently suck and nip at her earlobes before moving back to her breasts and down her stomach.

He slowly parted her thighs ever so slightly with his hands, and smiled when he discovered that her pussy was dripping its sweet nectar. One fingertip inside and he had a sample to taste. It was so sweet. She moaned. Just the tiniest of breath sounds, but he could tell she would have a screaming ogasm when the time came. One more fingetip inside, and up to where he could feel her g-spot throb and her pussy walls tighten around his hand.

He helped her step down from the table and guided her to a chair. He had her sit back and parted her silken thighs once again, draping each over the arm of the chair and holding her knees firmly with his hands. Her pussy was totally exposed to him. Her shaved, silken pussy, throbbing in anticipation as his face came closer, his tongue poised to lap up the sweet honey dripping from her and onto the leather upholstery.

He paused just a moment.

"How are those dimes?"

"They're resting comfortably between my fingertips."

"Not for long. I'm willing to wager all of my considerable assets that you'll drop them all by the time you cum."

"I'll take that wager."

He then gently lowered his face to her awaiting pussy lips and lightly licked her clit. One, two, three times. Her thighs contracted and she started moaning from deep in her throat. God, she tasted good.

He licked and sucked and slid his tongue in and out of her dripping, tight pussy. She moaned and squirmed and began calling his name. "Don't stop. Make me cum. Lick me. Eat me. God, your tongue feels so good!"

He continued to lick and suck her clit, running his tongue in tight fast circles around the hard little bud. Whe was pushing her hips into his face, grinding as hard and as fast as she could. He inserted a finger into her pussy and could feel her contracting around it, squeezing tighter with each moan and scream. Suddenly, she shuddered and a flood of sweet juice poured down his arm and onto the leather chair. Her pussy walls began convulsing, and she screamed one last time as she came - hard. And, as the timer buzzed.

He was so lost in her ecstacy that the timer almost went unnoticed. Once her body started to relax again, he glanced up, knowing that he'd won.

The look of triumph on his face slowly turned to surprise, and total shock when he discovered that she still had all 5 dimes pressed between her fingertips.

rm_RenPhule 53M

8/7/2006 7:11 pm

Very nice. And wonderfully -cold- & -hot- all wrapped into one.
That's the kind of power-exchange play that I find the hottest.
When it's not a clear-cut Top/bottom, but there's a real chance to play and experiment.

I've tried to e-mail, but the Cupid Settings block won't let me
And, believe me, I'd -love- to talk (and more) with you.

Perversly yours,


FlackHopedBorne 62M

8/28/2006 6:21 am

He was shocked she still had the dimes but also proud of her for enjoying her pleasure and still maintaining control of herself.

he rose to his feet bowing from the waist adn with a smile that made her clit tingle said, " My lady your wish is my commmand what does your heart desire?".

She paused for a few seconds considering how to phrase her reply not wanting to waste her wish.

"Since I would have had to be your sex slave if I lost, my wish is to spend a week with you on a tropical island just the two of us and we spend the week as we were born, bare naked. Also that week you will try every day to make me drop the coins and if you fail you are mine forever."

Is it a deal?

broadluvs77 replies on 8/28/2006 12:43 pm:
Now this man has some imagination. I like. happyf

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