Another day in my neighborhood ;)  

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7/20/2005 1:32 pm

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Another day in my neighborhood ;)

I've been away from my number one lover all week, and getting hornier every time I think about him and the next time we'll be together. It's getting almost unbearable to be apart. And, it's not just the sex. He and I connected on a level way beyond the physical the first time we were together. We were so totally in sync with one another on a higher plain that we couldn't just sense the gist of the thoughts we had, but we could actually hear the thoughts as if they'd been spoken out loud. It is one of the most incredible experiences you can have. And what it does to your sex life is indescribable. I just get wet thinking about the time we spend together.

I miss his touch so much that I have to release the yearning for him on an almost daily basis. If he and I aren't cybering, then I'm fucking someone else just so I can get sleep at night. I go online to see which man in my network is available and pick one at random. I start talking to him and we make plans to meet for drinks or dinner. Then, we usually go back to my place and fuck until we've both cum a couple of times.

Today, I miss S., but I'm not going to use sex with another man to try to take my mind off not being with him. I'm going to spend my night making covers for two firm foam rubber wedges I bought to help enhance my sexual experiences. There are a lot of things you can do with these wedges and I can't wait to break them in with S. One thing, is I can place one under each hip to raise my ass off the bed about 8 or 10 inches. And, I'll make sure there's a space between the wedges so that hands, toys, etc. can be inserted underneath and between the wedges. Another thing is that the wedges can help with good old doggy style by placing them under the belly for maximum height and penetration angle. Again, I'll leave a space between the wedges and let you use your imagination here (a third person's tongue would make a nice addition to doggy style at this point ). The wedges would also help in the woman on top situation. My biggest problem with being on top is that my legs aren't long enough for my knees to touch the bed. But place one wedge on either side of my man's hips so I can kneel on them, and voila! Or, place them under the man's hips, and jack him up high enough in the air you can realy ride him like a horse - YEEHAW!!! Or better yet, get into the optimal deep throat position and rock his world like it's never been rocked before.

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