Why is it?  

britexec4u 40M
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6/16/2006 10:38 pm
Why is it?

As I have breakfast at 5.30am now a days by mid day I am starving
and ready for lunch. As a contractor I don't get much time for lunch
(time is money after all) so I like the process of paying for lunch
in the office restaurant to be as smooth as possible - go to the
checkout, hand over money, collect change, go to table, eat food. A
simple process I would think so why is it that women always slow it
up? Women insist on bringing their hand bags with them and
invariably can not find their purse so the contents of the handbag
(only some I recognise) are scattered over the check out counter
while they hunt for the purse. Then they have to find the right
amount of change to pay the bill and then repack their handbag. If
there is a large group of women in front of me this process is
repeated for each one by which time my lunch break is almost over. I
propose separate check outs for males and females.

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