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6/7/2005 7:58 am

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so many questions

First you can invite 5 people past or present to a dinner party if they are dead they have to become undead and not rancid and come. Remember dinner party not orgy.

What s the best movie of all time, only one movie.

You can time travel to see any one thing you can't change the outcome or profit from the trip what would you want to see. (Eg who shot JFK, who was Jack the ripper?)

You have a power like and the X men what would you have and only one power. Not a magical power eg I make wishes.

You can be a character from a book which one?

What is the worst fashion of all time?

If you had to eat one meal (3 courses only) morning lunch dinner for the rest of time what would it be?

If you could be an animal what would it be?

What is the best song of all time?

What three albums would you take to a desert Island?

Is cuming in a girls face a turn on?

Would you let a girl fuck you with a strap on?

What type of threesome would you like?

Who is the sexiest member on Alt?

You are given 1 million dollar to kill some one and are guaranteed to get away with it would you?

Three wishes and you can't wish for more wishes or powers what do you wish for?

If you could be best in the world at something what would it be?

You find a video of your lover and there ex when they were together do you want it?

Would you rather be blind or deaf?

Would you want to know when you will die?

What one moment in time would you change?

You have enough space in your bomb shelter to save 5 family or friends who?

If you could have sex with any person you wanted who would you pick?

If you could be the best in the world at any one thing what would it be?

If you were a colour what colour would it be?

If you were a plant what would you be?

redmustang91 58M  
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6/7/2005 9:44 am

Character from a book: God from Bible (aim high)
Rather be deaf, lots of things people say I do not want to hear!
Change Hitler's birth to a non-birth.
Plant: One thousand year old bristlecones so I could see history, assuming I could sense what was passing.
One Million to kill someone, and get away with it, of course if I could pick the person! Charles Manson, Saddam Hussein, lots of worthy candidates for extinction.
Best at being a rockstar, for the money, fame and the girls!
Too many questions!
Time travel to see the creation of the universe. Check out if God played a role in it.
I would let a girl fuck me with a strap on if she would let me return the favor with a real penis! (what guys will do to get laid!)

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