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4/15/2005 11:26 pm

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questions questions questions

I guess i like smart interesting women who just happen to love sex and games. So I thought I'd ask questions and see whats out there. It's a quiz and its hard but you cant get it wrong,for the most part.

First you can invite 5 people past or present to a dinner party if they are dead they have to become undead and not rancid and come. Remember dinner party not orgy.

What s the best movie of all time, only one movie.

You can time travel to see any one thing you can't change the outcome or profit from the trip what would you want to see. (eg Who shot JFK, who was Jack the ripper)

You have a power like an the X men what would you have and only one power. Not a magical power eg I make wishes.

You can be a character from a book which one?

missy97330 48F

4/16/2005 2:14 am

Ooh I like this. Hmmm?

Albert Einstein, Jesus, Gandhi, Elton John, Paul from the bible. Yeah I know, mine reads more like the Sesame Street game "Which one doesn't belong?" LOL

I would travel back in time to see Jesus dying on the cross. No I haven't seen Passion of the Christ either.

Best movie? Haven't seen it in ages but Citizen Cane is a classic.

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