What kinda state must you be in to need lube?  

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11/8/2005 9:40 pm

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What kinda state must you be in to need lube?

I normally live in Kentucky (KY) the only state to have a sexual lubricant named after it. I have no idea if KY has anything to do with Kentucky, it's been around even in England for 40 years. So what about the other states?

Well some people (one of my colleagues & myself) have suggested some inovatiive ideas, for other places.

From Mass. & Penn. There's MA & PA Jelly, and even more important Grand MA Jelly. For the noisy there's OH!Jelly, and WA Jelly. I'll "resist" the urge to invent NC jelly, but doctors do prefer MD Jelly (the other greasy recipe from Maryland), and people actually cross the river from East St.Louis to get MO' jelly.

There's IN Jelly for every-trendy-one which excludes the computer nerds (who prefer IO Jelly), and for the hard to please we have some OK Jelly.

Boys who prefer boys in Arkansas have AR's Jelly, while nearby KansAss & TakesAss have their own products. For the unmarried Miss. there's MS Jelly, & as we've reached the south, the French speakers in Louisiana have LA Gel, also if anyone speaks French in Delaware, there's H'uille DE Jelli.

For special occasions we've got "a Virgin-ia jelly", "I hope you're not going with an Oregan jelly", and IDaho jelly. The last state being as you all know, a grammatically incorrect past tense of the English Ivanho.

Before we go west to the other Mount'n-lube areas I couldn't resist a product called Miss-is-slippi.

For the curious cow-poke there's WY?Jelly, if you're a couple living together in the Rockies there's CO-Jelly and finally if you have Montana's MT jelly tube, it's time to go buy some more!

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