Been awhile  

breastloveruk 63M
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3/15/2006 12:54 am
Been awhile

Life has taken a pretty heavy toll on me since my last and first entry to this place.

Illness, heavy workload and a major PC crash have not been the best of times!

So off to London, UK for a business trip to waht turned out ot be a boring expo.

However, there was one thing that brightened the day, if only slighlty frustrating: the site of a woman fitting my criteria and search.

Here I am in London, England at a conference and exhibition, which brings people from all over the UK together. Numerous exhibition stands with mostly male officials to promote their products and services - interspersed with the odd female to make things luck pretty. The usual male chauvinistic attitude within the industry I am working within.

Then a sudden revelation - a stand with an outstanding female fronting the exhibition stand - unusual, but picture this and here is no word of a lie or exaggeration.

Average height, long dark hair, curvy full body, but with a huge bustline that you would die for!!

Firm and full in a 3/4 cup bra of a size I cannot estimate - but take an 18" ruler, place it against your chest and measure 16" straight out and you will get the idea of the beauty that stood before me!!

The full shape of her bra was obvious, fitted her bust like a glove and as such left nothing to the imagination in the sense that it betrayed fully the size of those breasts that it held in its grasp!

Well, given that I was with colleagues and that the stand she fronted was from a company we had not interest in, you can imagine my frustration at having no excuse for talking to her!!

What made it worse was that it was one of those days when everywhere I went, she kept appearing! Seemed her breaks fitted in with ours and I enjoyed the view of her superb and huge breasts at close quarters in several of the coffer bars on the site during the day.

What could I say, what excuse could I give for whipping out my digi camera and taking a pic of her whilst pretending to be focused on her company's stand!!

None and so the suffering continued!!

angelofmercy5 60F
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3/15/2006 1:09 am

I agree with should have said hello!

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