My impression of our first meeting.  

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1/29/2006 8:58 pm

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My impression of our first meeting.

Already dark, winter still looms. Because the moon is full, the gunmetal gray of my car shines a dull luster on the cars I pass. I'm looking for a new station on the radio. Country, more country and more country. At least the last station was playing Travis Tritt. As I drive off of the interstate I wonder how our initial interaction will be. I'm nervous, for the first time in a while. The road narrows and I make my turn in time for the light. It's a wonder they even have traffic lights out here! Sirius is playing Nat King Cole right now on my favorite jazz station. How appropriate I thought. This woman is very intriguing and this will be unforgettable. I've actually dreamed of this moment. OK, here is my turn into the plaza where we are meeting. "Hmmm," I thought,"I hope she's who I think she is. Fuck it! It's an adventure and I do like to drive my car." I park my car and enter the restaurant.

The doorway is dimly lit and I can hear light music playing inside. As I open the door and walk through the entrance butterflies dance in my stomach. "It is a good thing I'm not too hungry," I thought to myself. This feeling of nervousness has got to go away. Steadily looking around for my date, I make my way to the bar. I don't see her and that is a relief since I need a little time to unwind from the drive. I ask the bartender for a drink. "What's your poison?" he asks. I haven't heard that in a while! I reply,"Scotch and water, Chevas." Although I'm not a big liquor guy, I like a good scotch now and then. As I take in the warmth of my drink I begin to reflect on how I ended up here. Going back in my thoughts I remember when I first read her profile. She's a very interesting person on paper, and her pictures are mouth watering. I figured that she was probably a fake, or one of those that has no intention of ever meeting. I guess I was wrong about that. I've really enjoyed getting to know her better through chat. She's a very sensual woman, artistic, and creative. I feel like I have known her for much longer. My stomach begins to settle and I am feeling more relaxed.

"When will she come through that door?" I thought to myself in anticipation. I know I'll recognize her and she will recognize me. The front door opens and I look to see. "Wrong girl," I said to myself. She will be here soon and I'm glad that she can be casually late. Its better for me somehow. "Another scotch," I beckoned the bartender. Not that I'm unable to deal with the situation, but a couple of drinks never hurt in this case. My mind went into a dreamy haze and I felt her hands caressing my hair and ears. Her lips were as if they were made of silk. Her eyes abounding with mystery led me to her soul. Locked in a part of her heart I was out on the ocean and away from the city. Everything was nice and easy as dreams ran through my mind. I smiled. Its all in my mind right now. My ship is at port and awaiting a special passenger for a trip on the green waters of the vast sea. A special time for both of us to explore and unlock ancient mysteries. Saying goodbye will be hard, but we be cont.

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