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6/26/2005 6:58 am

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here is Lola

We start today on a new adventure.Life as lola sees it.I suppose if we all had a (dogs) life the world would be simpler no rushing here to get things done no hurrying up for anything.We have all heard of a dogs life slow and sleepy oh what a life to have. ( lazy like a dog )Ever noticed a dog cant walk by another without at least making some sort of an attempt to smells each others butts?If we in life would make more of an attempt to get to know our fellow man then maybe we wouldnt have so many problems in this world.Ever notice how dogs dont care what color the other is or what size their doghouse is?As long as a dog has a warm face that is glad to be there with them that is all it takes for them to be happy.Dogs arent material things it takes little to please them in life I feel like if we took a look at the way animals behave in life we might learn something from them.I know i do everyday.Lola will be back she isnt shy and she will tell you how it is.She is my best friend never judging me or fighting with me about anything she is just happy to be with me.oh yea by the way Lola is 10 lbs of minnie dobie and she is the sweetest thing around.keep on ruffing it till tommorrow lots of licks to all Love Lola

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6/26/2005 12:03 pm

Welcome to the blogs! Life is one big adventure and I look forward to hearing more about yours!


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