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bobsbabygrl69 48F
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3/30/2005 3:25 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Flavor of the month

Constantine Maroulis (mmmmmmmm mmmmmm mmmmm)

Well I usually have some celebrity pop into my head as being really hot every once in awhile. Some seem to stay for life, some leave as quickly as they seem to pop in there, some even come and go on a regular basis. Why some stay and some others go, I don't know.

I usually call a strong newcomer the flavor of the month. Like Baskin Robbins, we bring in a new flavor of the month, try it out awhile and if it is a really good flavor we will probably make it a permanent fixture, or at least keep it around awhile, if it does not pan out.. we dump it.

I bet some of you are asking.. who the hell is Constantine Maroulis? Well if you ever watch American Idol you know exactly who I am talking about. If you don't watch American Idol, I say whatsamatta with you? (with a playful little grin on my face of course)

Anyway.. I love the show. Their are a couple of chicks on the show that I really like and I think one of them should probably win.. but I love both of the rocker guys on there too. Out of the two of them I really think Bo Bice has the better voice. I don't think Constantine is even close to one of the better singers on this show but I don't care, he is so f-ing hot that i hope he stays on.

The really weird part about it though, is I'm not sure exactly what is so hot about him. I do kinda like the bad boy type, guys with long hair, that sort of thing, but I usually go for bigger, bulkier, more muscle, manly manly men, if you get what I mean.

I have always thought he was really cute, even from the first show, but not exactly being my type.. I wouldn't have put him in the flavor of the month category... except for one thing................

My dreams.

We have the hottest, most unbelievable sex in my dreams. It is so hot, I wake up horny and can't get him out of my mind, I'm horny all day. I am thinking about these dreams for days.. and then about the time I stop thinking about it so much.. I have another one.

I would think I would be dreaming about Vin Deisel, or someone like that.. nope.. Constantine Maroulis has moved on in. How long he will reside.. That I don't know, I just hope he isn't leaving any time soon.

Am I alone on this, or does anyone else out there find this dude so unbelievable, blow your mind, HOT?

keithcancook 61M
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3/30/2005 8:32 pm

Put me in the "Who da heck is Constantine Maroulis?" category. Still, while I do not watch the show I am familiar with it. (Jeeze, what person who lives with teenagers doesn't know about it?) I liked your post though. Blog on!

rm_lovin_cocks 48F

10/10/2005 12:24 pm

yes i have seen the show american idol and i think u are a cutie because im into guys with long dark hair but bo brice is sexier because i think the longer the guys hair is the better

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