Ahhh the dreaded word police..  

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4/8/2005 3:01 am

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Ahhh the dreaded word police..

Ahhh the dreaded word police.. what is up with them? It seems like every other time I post something anywhere on this site, either it never shows up, my submission is denied, or they have removed or edited some of the text.

Apparently I am a bad bad little poster? Maybe I need a spanking..... ohhhh

The frustrating part is the submission denied.. they never tell you why and you have to guess.

Here is what I have figured out so far:

In some places size matters so nothing too lengthy.
No links to other websites.
Of course no email addresses.
No mentioning the name of a local sex shop, maybe AdultFriendFinder sells toys? Or maybe you cant mention any business name? I don't know.
No foul language.. but of course some of it is ok.. ass, tits, dick, cock, pussy, those are all ok.. and of course please show a picture of all those things.. I think f*ck is not though... but if you like you can show a picture of it.. interesting hmm..
No misspelling the name of this site.. A F F is apparently not allowed at least in some places if you put it all together.
I still have not figured one of them out for sure but i think you may not be able to say G O D..

The first few times my post was lost or denied.. I either had to let it go or retype it, so anymore I always save a copy of whatever I am posting in case something happens to it on the way to the opera.

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