The glass of rum  

rm_boaz1172 51M
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11/9/2005 8:05 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

The glass of rum

Sitting easing on my rum on rocks
Thinking about the dance
Thinking about the night

Through nervous laughter
And periodic silences
We started our dance
That lasted the night long

Casual conversations
Intent on listening to each others deepest thoughts

Theory, conversation, esoteric topics
A sharing of feelings, desires, fears and wishes

A gaze in the eyes
A knowing look
A brief touch
A hidden breath

Daring not to make the wrong move
Desiring to make a move

Sip my rum
Did I do something wrong

Worry about next day thoughts
Worry about “what if”

A daring kiss
The first… the most important

The smile, the closeness, the warmth
The desire, the lust, the want

Passion and desire
Entangle the souls
Passion never relenting,
Desire driving

The passionate embrace
The explosion of un-restrained desire
The tug of hair
Rip of cloth
The final panting perspire

Two souls joined as one
Even for the brief moment
Burning like the brightest sun
Whose memories last a lifetime

After the departure
The lasting pain
Like the pain of a large needle
Wanting to be together again

It’s not the shell
Or the book specific to its cover
It's more then the smile of a pretty face…
It's the comfort, and trust
And the essence of the joined soul
That comes from the passion embrace

Laying awake
Not knowing what to do
Physical desires fulfilled
Lingering musk of desire all a spill

I finish my rum
Knowing all and full well
The vision of tonight cast me under her spell

The seduction was mutual
The passion was as well
That tonight’s dance
Had fulfilled our shared soul

rm_bakekang777 43F
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11/10/2005 8:19 am


Gentle touch, sweet talks
That’s how it started
little secrets, naughty smile
sensual eyes in quiet moments
flaming message they send
To want you, to need me
Isn’t it a swift blindness
with unexplained affection
The sweet longing so strong
looks like nothing could be wrong

And now I decided
To fly away with might
Free myself and surrender
make me yours tonight
Hold me tight , make it right
We’re a perfect creation
In the ocean of passion
Our hear beats with our union
As our spirits soar high
When your soul entwines with mine

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