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NyxisGhoulVitro 50M
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9/28/2005 12:08 am

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Hi Gene!

I have this "friend". Well, she's more of an acquaintance. Either way, she's a handful. If there was a scale for "tomboy", she'd have tipped it years ago.

This evening I came across her at the club and she offered up a hug. Not being one to deny a woman a hug, I jumped in. It wasn't until she walked away did I realize that I was now soaking in her underarm sweat and smell.

I know she may not be the most delicate flower in the garden, but I was overwhelmed by her body odor, which was slowly soaking into my shirt. I was struck with this dilemma. How do you tell someone that they are unpleasant?

I did the admirable thing and walked away, never mentioning it, but I know this has to be an issue with anyone who comes in contact with her. I care about this girl's feelings and it pains me to think that I would have to make her uncomfortable when revealing this.

How do you tell someone that they have B.O.? Do you make subtle hints? Do you out right drop it in their lap? If anyone has a suggestion, I'd be VERY interested in hearing your opinion.

femme872 30F

9/28/2005 2:02 am

I think it would be embarassing for her to hear it from a guy. Perhaps , if u both have a mutual female friend, u could ask the gal pal to bring it up to her casually.

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9/28/2005 3:47 am

you really need to tell her thats what a true freind would do as everyone else is going to be talking behind her back . you dont have to be to straight to the point make a joke of it say you had a bo problem and you was really greatfull when a mate told you just say u really swett like i did but you havnt got the bo problem then recomend a good deodarent and say it will just stop her getting big wet patches thats what i did with a male freind of mine now before we go out i laugh and say got ur spray on cos i dont want to be wrinning you out by the end of the night it was fine hopefully she'll thank you
good look gem

NyxisGhoulVitro 50M
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9/28/2005 6:06 pm

She's a powerful woman and I think that Kat may be on the right track. She isn't a girly girl by any means. I rarely see her in make up, and she often wears fatigues or overalls... definite tomboy. Hell, she fights men in amateur bare knuckle bouts, so your intuition is probably right.

I would agree that this is something that would be embarrassing to bring up, and quite possibly a "dangerous" topic. The inquisitive side of me could ask her questions about allergies and such, or possible sensitivities to scented detergents, perfumes, etc.

Thank you all for your positive input. I appreciate it.

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