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5/26/2006 7:42 am

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5/28/2006 1:22 am

Making contact

I see a lot of profiles of people online at a lot of different websites promoting dating and sexual encounters. When I come to one of these sites, I am always hesitant to pay to subscribe. I wonder if paying for the right to contact and be contacted by people is something most people have no problem with.

I guess if I were to go to a bar or nightclub, I might have to pay to get in, I'd probably pay for a few drinks, valet, not to mention gas. Yet something about paying for stuff online really bothers me. Does anyone else feel like this?

I know people use these sites to actually meet people with whom they have sex. I have. So somebody must be paying. Unless you have found other ways of getting around it. Like a blog. Leave me a comment about paying for stuff. Or email me.

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