Getting Propositioned  

bm4bf2001 43M
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5/29/2006 5:30 pm
Getting Propositioned

I guess I am an okay looking guy, and I certainly don't have a need to fish for compliments, but I have noticed something weird that has always turned me off about meeting people online versus in person, though I actually find this to be true a lot in person too, so maybe it's just me.

I get propositioned by a lot of gay and bisexual men. Online and off. I am neither gay nor bisexual. I have no interest in exploring it. I have no problem with anyone exploring and expressing their sexuality, and I guess I should be flattered. It's not like this is going to scare me out of the showering at the gym.

Maybe I'm sending some weird signals or something. I don't think I have any handkerchiefs hanging out of my back pockets, though I don't have eyes in the back of my head. I dress rather clean cut and normal; I don't look like a thug or anything.

I guess I have thought about a woman with more than one guy, and I may have actually participated in a few experiences with multiple men on a woman (I don't know you guys well enough to get into that stuff yet), and I have definitely had female friends and lovers express interests or fantasies about multiple men at once, but I don't see how it would translate into someone's head that because I love penetrating a woman I would love penetrating, or being penetrated by, a man too.

I have known quite a few people who were so obsessed with sex and experimentation that they had homosexual experiences. I have also known quite a few guys obsessed with sex with women and experimentation to the point of serial monogamy or serial relationship-less sex.

I really don't want to take a Carrie turn here (god do I hate Sarah Jessica Parker), but is there something going on here that I don't know about? Is it like a challenge or something in trying to turn a straight man gay that excites gay men?

I know I take it as a personal challenge in trying to turn straight women bi!

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