~~~ Rope Bound ~~~ EROTICA STORY ~~~  

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~~~ Rope Bound ~~~ EROTICA STORY ~~~

I stood before Daddy and slowly let my clothes drop to the floor. I smiled and looked into his eyes as he brought out the ropes. I loved the smell and the feel of rope. And today Daddy had several lengths of different colors. Today he chose purple, black and red to play with.

He had me stand before him as he chose a length of black rope and held it in his hand. I already knew that he decided that my breasts would be the first thing to be bound. I assumed the position and leaned forward to give him the best access to wind the rope tightly around each globe.

I closed my eyes as I felt the pressure of the blood pooling in each of my breasts. I could feel each time he wound the rope around, he would pull it tighter. When I felt that they were both done, I slowly opened my eyes and saw how my breasts were sticking straight out. The blood was already collecting and the skin was already taking on that purple hue.

Daddy instructed me to lie on the bed flat on my back. I already knew what was going to happen so I did as he asked without complaint. So I positioned myself in the exact center of the bed.

As I lay there Daddy carefully arranged the pillows behind me and got me into the position that he desire. I lifted my head and shoulders to help him find exactly what he wanted. This also made me much more comfortable than if I was lying flat on my back.

I helped him as much as I could as he worked his magic. As he bound me with the different colors or rope. I arched my back to allow his hands to slide the rope under me so he could wind the rope around my waist. Soon that rope was secured to the bed frame. He surprised me with a coarser piece of yellow rope that I wasn’t expecting and made a crotch rope with it. We both knew it would rub my clit raw. Just the first seconds of it rubbing made me throb with desire. But I knew my discomfort was also your pleasure.

Pretty red rope was attached to the padded leather cuffs I wore for play, and tied to the headboard. They were tied so tightly, that I couldn’t even move one inch. Likewise the rope was slipped through the rings on my padded ankle cuffs. My legs were spread wide apart and also tied to the headboard. This kept them high in the air.

I was forced into this one position. I felt open and exposed. I was bound into the position that you desired and one that was for your pleasure. It was perfectly done. I felt open to you like a beautiful flower offering you my nectar.

As I lay there all strung up, you set the mood in the room. Soft sounds surround the room and enter my ears. And the room is bathed in soft candlelight. The atmosphere of the room is soft and romantic. I watch you walk over to me and stand by the side of the bed. As you tell me how beautiful I look to you.

“Open your mouth”, it was a direct order. As I do as I’m told my view is stuck to the bulge in his jeans. I watch you slowly stripped off your black t-shirt and fling it across the room. You slowly unbutton and slide the zipper down on your jeans. You slip your jeans and traditional whitey tighty briefs down past your hips and shimmy them down your legs. You kick them out of the way when you’re done.

As I eye your hard cock I bite my bottom lip. I give you the eye, letting you know what I want to do. I am begging with my eyes and not making a sound. You know I want to pleasure you with my mouth.

You take a step closer to me, and you get on the bed. You straddle my upper body and I smile. Because I know what is written in the stars for me tonight. You hold your cock just in front of my mouth, teasing me with it. I stick my tongue out, just far enough to lick the precum off the tip of your cock. And I savor your unique flavor. You rub your hard cock around my face. You let me breath in your deep musky scent.

Once again you tell me to open my mouth, and I do so again. You slip your cock closer to my mouth so my tongue can prepare it. Lubricate it with my saliva. I take a deep breath as you prepare to skull fuck my face. You rest both hands on the headboard as you move your hips. You move slowly at first. You let me take my time in getting past my gag reflux. But soon you’re moving your hips forward and back over and over, as you force your cock down my throat. I know your pleasure in this. I take your entire cock down my throat.

You pause for a moment letting me breath. And you also allow me to suck on the head of your cock. I rub my teeth lightly across your shaft, nipping lightly on the head of your cock.

I look up at you, and as I do this and see that you’re still holding onto the headboard. Your head is thrown back and the look of pleasure on your face satisfies me.

So I continue to give your cock my full attention. I swirl my tongue around its head. I take my time as I move my head forward to take in as much as I can of your throbbing cock. But I am limited because of the position I’m in. And that only frustrates me. I hear your moan and that only makes me give you more attention.

I think of your pleasure, and try not to think of my aching tits and pussy. I know when your ready, you will give my body the attention that you feel I deserve.

I close my eyes and feel one of your hands on my head, as you run your fingers through my hair. You tell me to take a breath and I do because I already know what you like. You ram your cock back down my throat; quickly I get over the gag reflux. You fuck my mouth fast and furious. I can feel the head of your cock hitting the back of my throat. Repeatedly this happens. I feel your cock begin to pulse, I hear your breathing get ragged as it increases in it’s temp. Your moans of pleasure fill my ears as your hot seed shoots into my mouth.

As you slowly remove your still hard cock from my mouth I’m very careful to suck it clean and not to spill a drop. I savor your flavor and thank you for your gift. I smack my lips together and softly moan.

Please do leave your comments so i know if you like my writings and what you like about them.

thanks *blush*

veinthrob 43M

3/16/2006 9:04 am

Absolutely. Apparently, my favorite rigging and this story are one and the same! Very nice.

SpaceRangerNJ 56M
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3/16/2006 10:18 am

Oh yes please. Do continue. Very nice.
For whatever reason bondage stories get me very hot. I have no experience but hope to have a willing partner some day.

expatbrit49 63M

3/17/2006 2:31 pm

not too bad

Thank You for Your Time and Attention

rm_Dddesiree 61F
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3/18/2006 5:06 am

Please do. I'd like to see if this ends as my sessions with my master do! It's like reading my own writing.

rm_anacortes 75M
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3/18/2006 8:50 pm

Oh yes Blush... to "abuse" you so would be a delight

corvairguy 66M

3/19/2006 4:39 am

See, I told you so!

rm_Fargokid2 65M

3/20/2006 6:34 am

Can't wait to hee more!!!Keep up the good work!!!

GB_Cple 67M/56F  
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3/20/2006 8:51 am

Nice story , well written too.
let us have a few more

lilleft2desire 49M/37F

6/13/2006 3:33 pm

u have green light. go ahead.xoxoxox.pete

rm_athina1957 60F
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10/5/2006 10:51 am

Great Blush! You do write very well...
Keep on writing...
I chanced upon your group last year---
I enjoyed reading...It's sad that you had to delete the group...sometimes it's boring---
same ole stuff...I thought of sharing the games with my groupmates...

take good care...

a t h i n a

Love Life!"

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