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3/26/2005 8:46 am

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I'm sipping a cup of tea as I write and I am reminded of the Japanese tea ceremony where the drinking of tea becomes a beautiful ceremony and time for meditation. I'd love visit Japan one day and experience that. The Japanese fascinate me. Asia in general fascinates me.

I used to meditate fairly regularly but haven't been at it that much lately. For me meditation is a time to detach from the brain. I usually meditate in the morning, taking about twenty minutes.

My technique is to simply sit still, eyes closed, and concentrating on my breathing. I don't worry about what thoughts pop into my head. In fact thoughts are used as part of the experience.

At first the brain will generate so many thoughts, they speed by like a slide show and I watch them go by, being careful not to hold on to any of them. Then gradually thoughts come more slowly, like clouds gently drifting in the sky and I watch them float by. I let them go.

Meditation increases awareness and through the process we become awake!

How many of us walk through our day without being awake? I mean we go to work, we do our job, we talk and yet we are not awake to ourselves, our surroundings or our spirit. I know that's me most of the time.

Perhaps Americans should import that Japanese tea ceremony, to help us slow down and become aware of all the beauty around us, to help us become awake.

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