her good night kiss  

bluelagoon4u2 57M/38F
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8/21/2006 9:33 am
her good night kiss

As you lie back in your bed, so cosy and comfortable, I will reach over you and smile, looking deep into those intoxicating dark eyes, my sole searching yours, I will slowly lower myself over you, just my lips will touch your lips, I will be in suspension like a feather floating over your body, I will slowly sway my head from left to right and back again, the chemically induced electrical sensations will tingle across our lips as they connect. And we will kiss, very, very gently, the fluids mingling as our warm tongues circle and touch each other like butterflies in the breeze. I will kiss your soft warm cheeks, I will kiss your smooth forehead and on your beautiful eyelids, there isn’t a part of your body I would not kiss, if I could I would bathe you in kisses right down to your little toes and back up again

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