different weekend  

bluejay682 50M
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9/11/2006 1:28 pm
different weekend

Weird weekend, (usually by myself) had several people stop by and partied all night and left about 10am the next day. (got really smashed) Had a friend call that I dated a while back, I get with her every now and then (lives a ways out of town). Went out there for the night, about 40 miles, went to get cash out for fuel and my damn card was gone. Luckily I try to keep enough fuel just in case. Kinda pissed me off so I buried the speedometer on the car for close to 20 miles. (I gotta watch it) I had been using a radar and lasar jamming device, however now it needs repaired. I can usually get out of tickets. My father was well known by law enforcement and I usually get let go. Anyway I had a good time, I don't get female company that often. I had to go to the bank and cancel my card and apply for another one. It would be a bitch to get to Alaska and not be able to get money out of my account. I gotta get the rest of my meds and cloths together, I will be getting on a plane on thurs morning and going to seattle, then to a cruise ship up to Alaska. (can't wait) I will be gone about 10 days so I may not post after wed, depends on weather I can access a computer. Well I hope that I can have some luck with this site, I may just renue my gold one more time and say to hell with it. That would give me another month. (just thinking.) Anyway all have a pleasent evening, I gotta go.

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