Having so much fun  

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2/20/2005 12:54 am

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11/8/2006 9:48 pm

Having so much fun

I love talking about my sexual encounters anyone what to read them? Let me know and I will begin the discription

ember700 50F
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2/20/2005 6:33 pm

Hey you, I am also a blue eyed BBW and Hell Yeah!! I wanna hear it all, that's what my blog will be about so go for it!! later Ember700

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3/2/2005 1:09 pm

Please continue


4/20/2005 3:08 pm

awesome story BBW, keep em coming!

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7/13/2005 8:31 am

WOW you aer a hot one babe and wild just like i was told. WOOHOO more and more of that hot wils ahit babe.


7/18/2005 8:42 am

Hello blueeyedbbw75. OMG, what a super hot story. Keep them cumming..oops, coming. Lets see when we can make our own story together!!

I82O4U2Enjoy 45M
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7/25/2005 7:38 am

Sweet Alabama!!!

Looks like your a woman that knows how she likes it and what she likes. NICE!!

I am really looking forward to hearing more from you to see if i can know about the lady behind the profile and blogs. Keep them coming and we will be here to read them. Tell us everything your willing to share: how your day is going, that guy at work your getting a crush on, a fantasy that you want fulfilled one day, anything and everything.

For such a attractive and expressive lady, i know you have my attention....in more than one way.

Keep it coming strong and smooth in Tucson

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8/15/2005 12:53 pm

Hey Blueeye, how would you like to live some of these fantasies?

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8/24/2005 8:07 am

hey blueeyed lets heat up Hereford!!! I live there too.

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9/7/2005 4:13 am

Damn that just got me all hard, I'm really wishing i was that guy right now.

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1/21/2006 1:04 am

you want a real story get me on AdultFriendFinder, depending on where you are, I can lick an fuck like the best of them

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1/21/2006 1:09 am

Did I tell you I wear a uniform>

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3/8/2006 9:02 am

love the story, do you have any stories about going out in public and showing your pussy, maybe playing with your pussy in pubic or rubbing your sweet asshole. I am really an ass lover, kissing and licking while playing with and licking your pussy, then sharing those nasty kisses. you sound hot and nasty, l love it.

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10/23/2006 9:25 pm

It's alittle long but here's a story for ya.lol no pun intended well maybe there was.....


I stupidly look forward to hearing you tell me how much you want to fuck me, but it never comes. I dunno...I'm just a horny college chick who decided to fuck you. Yeah, that sounds a little harsh. But I did fuck you, and I thought it would be fun teasing each other on the phone for a while.

I guess what I'm saying is, I was harsh on the phone tonight cause i'm selfish when I'm drunk, and more concerned about getting myself off than what's going on in other people's lives. I wanted to tell you about my fuckbuddy Matt. He came over the other night, and I sucked him off, and the whole time, I was imagining it was you that I was milking every drop out of...

I wish I had you in front of me right now. Do you have any clue how good I would make you feel? I'd run my nails all over you...starting across your chest...I'd run them up and down, up and down, then across again. I'd occasionally hit your nipples, and watch you jump. I know how much you love that. I'd go down to your stomach, down each of your legs. I'd go behind your knees to watch you squirm. The whole time I'd be watching your cock as it began to rise, I'd watch it flop heavily every time you jumped.

Just running my nails over you like that is a huge turn on for me. Remember that night when I woke you up by doing that? That was one of the most orgasmic nights of my life.

I want to suck that cock of yours. I'd crawl across you and straddle your face, because I know you love that too. I'd start with my hands and tongue, licking you and kissing you, running my hands up and down. Then, I'd lick around the tip, dipping into your hole for some pre-cum...god, I want you soooo badly right now.

I'd work my hand up and down your shaft, while I licked and teased your head. I'd start to pump in earnest as I took your head into my mouth, and bathed it with my saliva. I can imagine your groan, that low sound of lust. I love it! I'd start to take you deeper into my mouth, licking every centimeter of you, making sure you could feel my tongue run swirls around your cock as I sucked on it.

Sucking cock always makes me wet. You know this well, and it's part of my plan. I straddled your face on purpose, to drive you crazy. I know exactly how you'd react-you wouldn't be able to stand it anymore, and you reach up and pull me down to you, and dive in. I remember how much you enjoyed the way I taste. And lucky for you, I'm wetter than ever, and it's all for you.

As you lick my slit, down to my clit, I start to rub my pussy against your face, smearing my juices all over you. You're driving me absolutely wild, and I'm sucking your member like a mad woman. I can't get enough in me, I want to feel all of your cock inside of me, but I can't get it all down my throat without gagging a little...I'm too excited to relax my throat...You have me grinding against your face. You grab my ass and hold me still, and attack my clit. I'm moaning on your cock and getting ready to explode.

And once I get there, I pulse myself against your face, against your nose and lips, letting my sweet nectar run all over your face. As soon as I finish my wonderful orgasm, I hop off you and turn around.

I slowly lower myself on your engorged member. Slowly, letting the head sink into place, enjoying the sensation of being filled. I pause, and squeeze my muscles to make sure you're still with me. I start to lower myself, squeeze by squeeze, pausing and massaging your pulsing cock with my cunt. You groan and thrust up...but I go up with you, not allowing you what you want most - to be buried in me.

When you least expect it, I slam down on you, squeal, and do it again. I love it when you tighten your pelvis, and your cock drives up in me.

I settle back down, and begin a slow, rythmic gyration on you, making sure there's contact with my clit.

While I move on top of you, you reach for my tits. With both hands you push and pull, pinch and tickle. You strain up to get them to your mouth. I bend forward as you grasp my left nipple between your teeth. God, I love when my nipples are bitten.

I push you back down, and ride you slowly as I run my nails all over your chest. Every time I hit a sensitive spot I can feel your cock jump inside me. The more I do it, the more excited I become. I start to ride you faster, moaning and grunting. I tell you to fuck me faster, and your hips thrust up into me.

Suddenly you flip us over, and you are above me, with my legs over your elbows, and you are driving your cock into my cunt. I'm getting closer and closer, and I'm squeezing you harder and harder.

My cunt is rippling on you, and like an epiphany, you push me over the edge by rubbing my clit. I'm noisy as hell, and you tell me to let it all out. Fuck yeah. I'm squirting juices on you, and I keep cumming on your cock. God, I love the size. It fills me perfectly-streches me just right, gets me off wonderfully.

A few more pumps from you then you freeze, and your cock bursts inside me, coating me with your load. I pinch your nipples and you squirt in me some more. I love to feel each of your "aftershocks". They send shivers up and down my spine.

We're both coated in a layer of sweat, and you collapse beside me. I lay there and realize you still have some of my juices on your face, so I lean over and lick them off. You catch me by the hair, and pull me down for a deep kiss, and I'm content.

I want to fuck you again, so you can have fresh memories of how good I make you feel. I want to remember how good you make me feel. I miss your skills in the bedroom.

So, I still hope you call me when you get a chance. I'm HORNY!!! It's perpetual. Fuck me.

Seriously, fuck me!



8/1/2007 1:25 am

Hey I would love to have some fun with you let me know

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