blue_knight_75 42M
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4/26/2006 12:40 pm

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4/27/2006 6:38 am


In my 30 years of life I have come to realize that being lonely( sucks!).

Now being on my own is great. Theres no honey do this, honey do that. I do what I want. Im a man damit!! But at the end of the night my right hand and Tawny Roberts only last so long.
98.6 degrees of female flesh lying next to me would be nice.

So the question I have for men or women. At what point do you drop your independent ways and search for love or what ever variation you can find?

Till next time..... Blue_knight.

SweetDarlinAngel 40F
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4/26/2006 2:37 pm


The honey do's can get redundant, but the warm body is something that seems to be missed even when the "honey" was as unpleasant as fresh, flung monkey dung.

Hang in there and your 98.6 will be by your side.



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