Good Morning world!!  

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4/27/2006 7:12 am

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Good Morning world!!

I was feelin good this morning. I had my protien shake, my 6 egg whites and went for a run. It was beautiful outside. This is going to be a good day.(until) So, I get home and there it is, the big number 1 flashing on the answering machine. " Hey this is julie, just wanted to see if you were busy Friday night. Call me".
Now I know what your thinking( ya, date for Friday) Backup!
First a little history on Julie.

I met her a work about a year ago. I'm a nurse in a adult intensive care unit and she is a Respiratory Therapist. We met during a code. She was intubating the guy and I was doing chest compressions. The only thing I remember is as I'm pounding on this poor bastards chest, cracking rib after rib, I could not stop staring at her tits while she is bent over sticking the ET tube down his throat.(is that wrong?)

So long story short we dated it was fun. then came "do you want to get married?" HELL NO!!
At that point in my life I was real independent.
So that was that.
I see her every so often at work. She works days now I still work nights.
I wont say that there werent feelings there. I felt them. But the whole marriage thing

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