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3/11/2006 1:08 pm

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insert wish here....

I have this fantasy that keeps re occurring...I'm sitting in my chair here at the computer just chatting with friends...a knock on my door and then it opens...he walks in..tall, smiling, and those eyes, sultry, full of promising delites.
He leans down and kisses me. Softly, deeply and gently. He then kneels down and pulls my lace panties aside..and kisses my neck, letting his tongue travel down to my nipples, while his finger gently enters me....he pulls my legs towards him so that he has easier access to my wet, throbbing his tongue travels down to my abdomen, and his finger is going in and out...slowly, then he adds another finger and I moan in pure ecstasy. I run my fingers through his dark hair, silky and soft on my fingers. I can't wait anymore...I slide off the chair and onto the floor, with his help, he lays me down softly and plunges his tongue into me and I scream out in pleasure. I struggle to sit up, because I want to feel his skin, and to taste him. I pull his head up and kiss him. I unbutton his shirt and run my fingers over him. I lay him down and unzip his pants....licking and kissing what skin I can. After I finally get him undressed, I take his balls in my hand and gently squeeze. As I lean down to take my first taste of him, he pulls me around so he can pleasure me while I take him in my mouth. I start at the back of his balls and lick my way to the front. One ball at a time...then both of them and he tastes so good. I then start to lick around the tip, and he moans, blowing some air into my already dripping pussy...I moan also. I take him into my mouth fully and we start to pleasure one another. He makes me cum so hard, I squirt, which one of my favorite things to do with a man...if he can make me squirt then I know it's gonna be powerful when he pounds into me.
When we've had are fill of one another, we move to be side by side and start to kiss, hot, hard and thrusting our tongues into each others hungry mouths. I then take him in my hand and gently pull him over me and guide him into me. He is so big, thick and throbbing, I can hardly he enters me I cum again, hard...he slowly sticks himself into me little by little, and then I can't stand it anymore I thrust up to meet him fully and he moans with pleasure. We start the longtime rythm and suddenly we can't get close enough....we are slamming into each other...I can feel his balls banging against me. I can feel his pressure building as I've been cumming steadly the entire time. Finally, together, we cum! Hard, hot streaming cum. Then as we lay panting....he gently leans over to kiss me. He goes to my bathroom and gets a hot washrag and cleans me off and then himself. He gets dressed and leaves with that same smile....NOT ONE WORD WAS SPOKEN BETWEEN US....

Truegentleman100 59M

3/11/2006 3:03 pm

How is this, blp? Is this what you have in mind?

You enter the bar from the bright heat of the afternoon. Inside it is dark, cool, dank, smelling like an old Roi Tan cigar. We’ve not met. You recognize me instantly at the end of the bar. Dressed in tan slacks and a white cotton blouse, you stride gracefully to the bar and edge into the barstool beside me. You place your bag on top of the bar.

The bartender appears, and you say in a whisper reserved for church, “A double gin and tonic.” I draw a circle with my finger, indicating a second Jameson’s neat with soda back. And then it begins. Not one word is said … ever. From the corner of our eyes and points beyond, we sense each other: body heat, skin, muscle tone, clothing, the sound of breathing, the smell of shampoo, nervousness, excitement, determination; it goes back and forth. I turn 90 degrees and look into your blue eyes. A smile (or a smirk) slides from my face. Something jangly comes from the left pocket of my Levi’s, and I place the key on the bar. The long, plastic tag bears the number 141. The corners of your mouth raise slightly. You shrug, pick up the key and nonchalantly, wordlessly, stroll out the door and past the coolness of the greenbelt. I am left with the beautiful form of your receding butt.

The door to 141 opens as I reach for the handle. You stand there like vision: blonde hair to your shoulders, nipples erect, you are nude except for white lacey panties with matching white nylons to mid-thigh. Oblivious to the parking lot, to Mexican maids, snowbirds and the traffic on McDowell, your eyes are locked to mine, your chin jutting forward. You retreat to the carpeted center of the room and I follow, closing the door to traffic noise. Our words are zipped, but my Levis aren’t; then my white polo shirt, and I stand before you toned, tight, erect. I step forward, turning slightly sideways and pull your body to mine. You feel the hardness of my pectoral muscles against your nipples, my arms tightly around you, the sandpaper feel of my beard. The smell of Right Guard. I lick your mouth and again, and we settle in to a long, open-mouthed. tongue twisting, lip biting, inhaling kiss.

Breath is shorter, temperatures rise as I search our mouths with tongues. I place my hard cock between your legs, feeling the scratchy texture of your panties and the wet heat beneath. My dick protrudes behind you, and I reach around to take a drop of semen from the tip and rub it on your ass. I move back and forth to the rhythm of our breathing ‒ I cup your breasts, pinch your nipples and bite your lips. My right hand is between your legs now; I hook the section of cloth with my finger and pull it aside while my thigh spreads your legs. My dickhead feels the taste of your hair, and you stand on tiptoes to receive it. In one thrust, I insert nine inches of hard cock in the wet inside of you. You shriek and bit my neck. My cock is enveloped in warm, wet velvet. You feel engorged by scalding heat. I cup your ass with both hands and lift, while you grasp my neck and wrap your legs around my waist. Your back feels the coolness of the dry wall through your sweat, and I thrust into you with fury. A picture falls. It happens quickly. The tension, the tightness, the tingling. The earth stops … then explodes, as I shoot spasm after spasm of hot cum inside you. You scream and rake your fingernails across my back as we climax in unison. We lie on the bed exhausted and gently kiss. Then, silently, we dress and leave … without a word.

And such is the zipless fuck. The pain, the disadvantage of not speaking, heightens our senses and creates an air of danger, excitement, anonymity. And that makes all of the difference.

rm_mastersql 51M

3/17/2006 6:08 pm


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