Thoughts that I have been having lately...  

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7/23/2005 7:59 pm

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5/5/2006 6:09 pm

Thoughts that I have been having lately...

I have been having some really naughty thoughts lately about being with my boyfriend....we havent really been able to be with one another right now, but once we are able to take care of each other, I am just going to take him and just totally do what I want, I want to just lay him on the bed and tell him not to move and then I am going to take his sweet big cock in my mouth and slowly start sucking up and down, just enough to make him moan. And then I am going to take my hand and move it up and down and have a good rhythm going. His cock is going to be nice and wet and I will get on top of him (cowgirl-on-top) and ride him like he has never been ridden before...I will then do the backwards cowgirl...let him watch as I move up and down slowly on his hard wet cock...I will then tell him that I want to take it in my ass...but before he does that, he takes me and throws me on the bed and spreads my legs open and starts to eat my wet pussy...oh man, that is so great. just lick and suck as hard as you can...oh baby I say as I am about to cum all over your face...Then he turns me over for the doggystyle position and fucks my ass until he can no longer go...he turns me over quickly and lets all of his cum go all over my body and I suck his cock to get the rest out of him. (Gosh am I so horny now waiting on him)

socalstud3407 37M

7/29/2005 9:45 am

WOW, your boyfriend is one lucky man!

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