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blond_but_loving 52F
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6/10/2006 4:37 pm
first post

Went on for the first time today. Enjoyed reading my emails, now looking forward to enacting on some- chatting and possibly meeting some of the men I interacted with. I am psyched that I know I'll be meeting some new men and forming friendships, maybe more. I've had a hard life until the last year or so, and have learned alot of hard lessons. Hopefully now I'll be able to look forward to having more men in my life. I have always gotten along better with men than with women. I can talk easier to men than women. Most of my friends know that. So for now, I guess I'll just be hopeful that from here on in-my life will be alot happier!

roguebiggs 40M

6/10/2006 5:54 pm

Well good luck hun on making some connections

poetryman1958 59M
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6/11/2006 8:38 am


i just saw your profile and sent you an email. i hope you respond. i have been through some tough times myself, but things are looking up these days. i believe that what we see as adversity we can also learn to see as opportunities for growth. pain and suffering can be the fires in which we form stronger, more sane and ultimately healthier versions of ourselves. we can choose to emerge new and improved--that's certainly what i am doing. i've never heard of i'll have to check it out. i really hope to hear from you, as you strike me as someone with a kind heart and generous spirit. there aren't enough people in this world who operate from such a place. shine on!

poetryman 1958

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