The Intro...Standin' in the dimly lit bar.  

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11/28/2005 9:51 pm

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The Intro...Standin' in the dimly lit bar.

The sound of laughter, and merriment was loud as the crowd poured into the inn. But to him, it was just another night, cold and dark as he stands by the bar sipping on his 'Blue Moon' beverage. The friendz he came with were huddled around their flip phonez gathering numberz and handlez like they were on the floor of a stock exchange, passing about purchasing some newly developed energy stock tip.

But tonight He felt alone. He felt the lost of a woman, that burned deep within his soul...
What to do, he could call her but the wordz had become futile, and the feelinz unbearable, and he was unable to bear her sobbing, feel the pain, and once again imagine what should have been.

No, not tonight, there would be no exchange between two bonded souls that feared the leap from the cliff that would send them either to their certain death, or a new reality that would soon overwhelm them because of the dramatic changez it would bring. Tonight, it was just his mind echoing her name...Vanessa. What pain in his eyez. He felt like his overcoat and slackz just disappeared and he stood naked before the world, transparent to all but his true lover.

Then, she stepped over to the seat next to his stool..."uhhhmm, excuse me do you have a light".
"Uh", "Yes". She was breath taking, long flowing jet black hair, lightly bronzed skin (like bella for those of you that blog), in a black halter top, with an opening showing a diamond jewel hanging from her belly and a short black skirt short enough to show the deep curves in her thighs, and her beautiful diamond anklet and toe ring, in her black strapped heelz. Uh-oh her aroma was sweet, but maybe Persian.

He lit the cig...then, she says "You look like you could use the warmth of a good woman tonight". "Am, I right or what?"

He stares down..."Don't worry baby, I don't need an answer". "I just thought you were like me and needed to forget that past regret, that's all".
"I am in a hotel nearby and need a real good night of steamy hottt sexxx, I don't need to know your name. Your eyes told me all I need to know..." "You see your eyes never lie." She said, "Just from your eyes I know that you are a truly good man with a broken heart." "Me, I can't let myself get that deep with the opposite sex." "I will never love again, so I come here from time to time just to keep myself free of the longing for a love that can never happen for me."

Then, she standz and leanz close to his ear and says, softly, "If you give me your hand slowly you can feel the sweet wet shaved pussy, that's throbbing between my legz for you."

She slowly grabz his hand, which engulfs hers and after turning her head from side to side to see that no one was paying close attention, she rubs the back of his hand between her steamy wet pussy, and feelz the wet juices against his hand.
He leans forward and kisses her so very deeply that her breath leavez her...and as she gasps.

They both make direct eye contact and decide it is time to leave without a word being mentioned.

They flag down a cab, and get the back of the cab her legs open and she leans her head back on his shoulder, no words exchange, they both softly exhale, and stare at the Full Moon. Illuminating the night sky.

As, they get to her place, he leanz forward taps the driver and pays the fair. She playfully grabs his hands and pullz him to her doorway.

His mind beginz to race, what of lost love, what of my pain, what am I doing. But, something inside tellz him everything is alright. Maybe it is truly over, maybe it will never again be...but we both know, and know each other and will never forget our moment in time, our life and our esctasy, our fire and fun, and if it is meant to be, 'like a force of nature' it will once again draw us together.

But, Right here, Right Now!!! I have to think for me, feel for my heart, protect my soul, find rootz to grow again...and with that he enters the door of her hotel she says, "Baby, come in I have a long night in store for you..."

(To be continued...)

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