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blkslut4whiteuse 58F
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10/3/2005 12:51 pm

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add on to the tale

you and your buddies see me at the hole n the wall you set up for a meet. You knew i was the one because blacks just didn't come to this side of town. You chuckled to yourself and whispered to your buddies..."we got a uppity niggah boys..... cuz the ones from round here know where the can and cant go. I sat at the bar.... flimsy black dress...that was shear enough that you could almost make out my naked body underneath. leaning my back against the bar...i scoped out the bar...uncertain about who or where you are. My legs gapped ever so slightly. my trimmed pussy playing peek-a-boo with the customers in the bar. The bartender is aware of who i am because you had already promised that you would let him have his fun if he locked the entrances once i got there...and he did. His dick was rock hard as he gazed at my breast rising with each breath i took. the barmaid walked by but as she did she reached out and squeezed my left nipple "MMMMMMMMMMM nice nigger" she sneared as she kept on walking. I jump up and snatch her by her long blonde hair...spin her around... and slap the shit out of her. You approach me and slap me hard across the face "Nigger, you better learn your place...this woman is your mistress as is each white bitch here as each of the men will serve as your master...and you...well you are simply a little nigger who thought she was coming to have fun with a couple of white boys...but cunt look around.... each person in here has paid a pretty penny to fuck you and watch you be fucked. I begin to tremble.... and turn to run out the door....when i reach it i find it is locked and my heart is about to explode in my chest as i feel your hands roughly grab the nape of my neck. pulling me back into the bar you unceremoneously toss me face down across the ass exposed to the masses.... you begin to finger my naked cunt. "i see you came without underwear as we had talked about... you are not really all that bright..bcuz if you were you would have known when you got here something was not right. If you are the only black that should have been a clue that your kind just aint all that welcome here and we must have had something planned for your nigger ass.... thrusting two fingers into my pussy..... you chuckle bcuz despite my terror and pussy is wet. "Oh you do know your place huh nigger." suddenly i feel multiple hands pawing my ass and pussy as multiple people finger my pussy and ass. "Yeah get that ass ready ...cuz we gonna play double trouble in that brown bubble ass of yours.... i see its' tight so evidently when you said you was anal you weren't being truthful...but you will be anal after 2nite bitch. " pulling me off the bar you drag me to one of the tables and push me face down across it....parting my ass spit on my anus and press your thick 7inch dick againt my hole....grabbing my ass you thrust in forcing a yell to come up out of my belly that filled the room. Everyone cheered..... "FUCK THE NIGGER>>FUCK HER BLACK ASS" one by one each man took his turn....after the 7th one i couldnt count anymore..... each ass covered dick was forced in my mouth to cleanse....... tears streaming down my face.... the women standing to the side fingering their pussies ... the blonde i slapped told me "I'm gonna fuck you up nigger."

6ft34u 59M
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10/23/2005 2:35 am

could definitely teach you to respect this man.... put you in my truck and drive to a nice secluded spot with you tied spread eagle in the middle of my trailor.... blindfolded.... teach you to respect me is ways furtheist from your mind, body and soul could imagine....

2_licku 59M

10/27/2005 2:20 pm

Your words let me see into you. I would lust for you in so many ways if we but white man and a fabulous hot black

WeLikeToWatch2 57M/62F

3/20/2007 12:30 pm

~~~ HOT & Nasty 'story' ; if it gets U 'off', great -- otherwise be careful !!

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