Hmmm idea for a movie  

blgbadvv0lf 49M
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5/31/2006 4:15 am
Hmmm idea for a movie

how about an x-rated version of the stories of red riding hood, and the 3 pigs? heres a plot synopsis

act I

wolf, red riding hood, granny(sexy grany looks to be under 40)

wofl catches red in woods, going to granny's house. accosts her, finds out she has sex toys in basket for granny, slips off to granny's house ahead of red. tricks grany into letting him in, fucks her senseless, and locks her in closet. slips granny's nighty on, goes thru variant of "what big eyes" etc with red, then fucks her senseless, using toys from basket, then leaves

Act II

wolf, 3 pigs (lady cops), red, granny

wolf is arrested by pig 1, taken to jail made of straw (its fantasy), he breaks out and fucks pig 1. as leaving is caught by pig 2, thrown in jail of twigs, same result as pig 1, then caught by pig 3, thrown in brick jail, can't break out, chained to wall, is sexually used by all three pigs, while red and granny watch and fuck themselves

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